Headlights for Honda CR-V

Headlights are a component of your Honda CR-V’s electric system that allow you to drive at night on dark roads and highways. There are many options available when you need to find a replacement for your vehicle. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting parts.

What types of headlights are available?
  • Halogen: This type produces about 1300 lumens. Halogen lights use a combination of nitrogen and argon gas and a tungsten filament. Sometimes other gases will be used as well.
  • HID: High-intensity discharge headlights are sometimes referred to as Xenon lighting. These will typically give off a white light with a blue hue. HID lights will generally have a brightness of 3000 lumens.
  • LED: LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, consist of diodes and a cooling system housed in a unit. LED units use a different housing, because LEDs draw 15 watts compared to the standard of 55 to 65 of a bulb.
  • Lasers: These provide a very focused light beam and are contained in a small housing unit. Used in combination with LED units, they are wired to the vehicle’s computer to switch between the two. The lasers are used at higher speeds and switch to the LED components at lower speeds.
What is the difference between reflector and projector headlights?
  • Reflector headlamps use a reflective housing unit to allow the light to be spread in a wider area. The light bulb will typically be placed in the center of the housing.
  • Projector headlights are designed to focus the light beam. These components use a reflector similar to reflector headlights in combination with a lens that works similar to a magnifying glass.
How do you select a headlight?
  • Select a bulb type: Each bulb has different electrical requirements and provides a different type of lighting option.
  • Choose a compatible model: The shape of the headlights can vary depending on the different model years of the CR-V.
  • Choose a brand: If you prefer to use OEM replacements, you can select from those made by Honda. There are also different aftermarket branded and unbranded headlights available.
  • Choose a placement: If you are replacing a single headlight component, you will want to select the placement on either the driver or the passenger side, depending on your needs.
What are some of the parts of a headlight?
  • Turn signals: Some headlight units will have the turn signals mounted in the same assembly. The turn signals will typically emit a different color than the main unit.
  • Housing: This component houses the headlight assembly and mounts it to the frame of the vehicle.
  • Bulbs: This component will usually have an incandescent source, and a unit will contain one or more, depending on the model.
  • Reflector: This component has a mirrorlike surface that is designed to reflect the light that is emitted from the bulbs to make it brighter.
  • Lens: This component is made of glass or plastic and is clear so that the light can pass through the material.
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