Ford Transit Connect Headlights

If you want to replace or upgrade the headlights in your Ford Transit Connect van, they can be selected as either one headlight or a pair. There are a variety of brands to choose from when you want replacement headlights for your Transit, including Wagner, Sylvania, Philips, and Ford.

What are the different types of headlight bulbs?

There are numerous bulb types for you to choose from for your Ford Transit Connect, ranging from halogen to LED headlight bulbs.

  • Halogen: These make use of a tungsten filament that is surrounded by a small quartz element that contains halogen gas. When electricity is passed to the filament, it will begin to illuminate. As more energy passes through the filament, a whiter light is produced. The halogen gas recoats the filament on a continual basis, allowing the bulb to last longer.
  • HID: These high-intensity discharge lamps are designed to be used in situations where you require a substantial amount of illumination. They offer a vast spectrum of visibility when turned on, and they consume a small amount of energy when in use. These headlights are meant to be used when driving on a highway when no other cars are around or in foggy conditions.
  • LED: These are light-emitting diodes that utilize a semiconductor source to assist with the production of light. They are typically housed in glass or hard plastic and appear brighter as more electricity is used. These lights offer an accurate color profile that can display a wide range of colors while also providing you with a bulb that will hardly heat up when turned on for several hours. The amount of energy that these bulbs consume is low, while the materials that are used in the creation of these bulbs are durable.
What is an OEM part?

When you are selecting headlights for your vehicle, you may come across ones that are listed as OEM, which refers to the fact that they are available from the original manufacturer, which in this case, would be Ford. OEM parts are designed specifically to match the ones that were originally in your Ford Transit Connect, ensuring that you will be able to place them in your vehicle without needing to make alterations.

What is a headlight ballast used for?

Some of these headlights for the Ford Transit Connect come with a ballast, which is a piece of equipment that regulates the amount of voltage that is applied to the gas, which is why these are usually equipped on HID lights. When a ballast is connected with HID models, they consume a low amount of energy despite producing a substantial amount of light.

What is a direct replacement?

Some of these headlights are available as direct replacements, which means that they will automatically slot into the area of your Ford Transit Connect where headlights are connected. You can find the right model by pairing your Ford vehicle’s model year with the years listed by the specific item that you are considering.