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Ford Edge Headlights

Since manufacturing of the AWD SUV started in 2006 and until the first generation models ended in 2014, the Ford Edge featured a 6-speed automatic engine in a 4-door crossover with colors ranging from silver to red. The second generation AWD model began production in 2015, and in addition to the automatic, added a manual engine option as well as other changes to some accessories. If you need to replace your Ford Edge headlights or are simply looking to upgrade them, there is a wide selection of options to choose from to suit your needs.

What sizes are available for Ford Edge headlights?

The vast majority of 6-speed automatic Ford crossover vehicles will use the H11 headlight size. The size dimensions of the H11 bulb are 1.4 by 5.1 by 5.1 inches, and the bulb itself weighs less than 2 ounces. While the size is standard, you can choose a variety of options when it comes to brightness, colors, and bulb types. While most Edges use the H11 size, be sure you check the sport utility vehicles owner’s manual to determine if your Ford will use a different bulb.

What types of bulbs for the Edge are available?
  • CCFL: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting, or CCFL, provides a smooth uniform look. It is an ideal option for extremely dark situations, such as night driving.
  • Halogen: These lights are found in a variety of Ford cars. They give off a significant amount of power and light.
  • LED: LED lights will last approximately 60,000 hours, and you can see each individual light in the halo circle of the headlights.
  • Xenon: These extremely bright, powerful lights are blue-white and take a burst of power to start, but use little energy once you begin to drive.
What brands of bulbs are available for the Edge?

Your Ford Edge model can use headlights from a variety of brands, such as Ford, Philips, Wagner, and unbranded options. Since the bulb for your vehicle will have specific size requirements, all of the brands in that size will be made to fit your vehicles. The key to picking the correct bulb for your AWD SUV is its size, not brand name.

Can you change the Edges bulb types?

An H11 halogen bulb will be the same physical size as an H11 LED or Xenon bulb. While they are the same sizes, you may not be able to swap a new Xenon bulb where you had a halogen bulb. Each type uses different ballasts and wiring, so before swapping out one bulb for another on the Ford, verify the fit and wiring style. If you really want to change the bulb type, changing out the harness and wiring will be necessary. This can be accomplished through a conversion kit.