Chrysler Sebring Headlights

The headlights of your Chrysler Sebring car will need to be replaced at some point. This is why you have to familiarize yourself with the various types of headlights available for the car.

Why are Chrysler Sebring headlights important?

Headlights provide illumination when there is low visibility. They come in handy when it is dark, rainy, or foggy. They can be switched from a high beam to a low beam to suit the driver’s needs. The bulbs are powered by the vehicles battery. For other models, the lamps are powered by photoelectric sensors. Bulbs are crucial in providing security and safety in poor lighting conditions.

What are the bulb sizes for Chrysler Sebring 1995-2010 headlights?

There are different headlights available for the Chrysler Sebring, and they all require a different type of bulb. The fits available will vary depending on the year of manufacture for your Chrysler. It is essential to check the user manual of the car in order to get the right bulb size for the light you use. The headlights include:

  • High beam headlight- For the 1995-2005 Sebring Sub Coupe vehicle, the bulb size is 9005. The convertible sub-model uses bulbs 9007, and the Chrysler Sebring 2006 uses bulbs of either 9007 or 9007LL.
  • Low beam headlight- For the 1995-2005 Sebring Coupe, the bulb size is 9006, while the convertible sub-model is compatible with 9006 lights. For the Chrysler Sebring 2006, the 9007 or the 9007LL bulb size should be used. The 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring works with the 9006 bulb size.
  • Fog light- The 1995-2006 Sedan uses the 899 or 880 bulbs for the fog lights, while the Coupe model uses the 886. The convertible uses the 9006, and the 2007-2010 model uses the 9145 bulbs.
What are the different types of Chrysler headlights?

There are different types of headlights, and you need to know each before you choose one for your car. They include:

  • Reflector headlights- These use a chrome plated surface and a light source. The reflection is meant to give an intense beam. The chrome plate controls the pattern of the shaft, and this ensures that oncoming drivers are not affected by the direct glare of the beam.
  • Seal beam headlights-These are made using a single unit and a bulb.
  • Composite headlights- These are composed of the lens, filament, and reflectors. All these are made into separate units. In case it is dysfunctional, you can troubleshoot the system and replace the malfunctioning part instead of the whole headlight.
  • Projector headlights- These headlights are equipped with a bulb that is mounted on a projector bowl. This bowl reflects light directly onto the lens. The lens is housed on a chrome plate. When the light bounces back it hits the plates surface.
What are the different types of Chrysler headlight bulbs?

Various bulbs for the Chrysler include:

  • High-intensity discharge bulbs
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs
  • Halogen bulbs