Cadillac STS Headlights

You can tackle the city and highway roads confidently with a pair of sturdy, bright headlights for your Cadillac STS. An array of lighting types, bulb sizes, and brightness levels are available. Here are five questions and answers to help you make sense of the abundance of Cadillac STS headlights available.

What are Cadillac STS 147000LM headlights?

The combination of numbers and letters in 147000LM denotes the number of lumens the headlight bulb gives off. A lumen is a unit of measurement that denotes the amount of light emitted per second. Headlight bulbs boast lumen amounts in the thousands to the hundreds of thousands. There are no rules that dictate the lumen measurement to choose, but there are some customs to consider. High amounts of lumens are quite common for high beams. Moderate amounts of lumens are typical of low beams, side markers, turn signals, and fog lights.

Does the model year determine which headlights you should get?

The year of your Cadillac STS changes the type of compatible headlight assemblies and bulbs you’ll require. The assembly is the actual housing that accommodates the bulb. Manufacturers may change these two details from year to year.

Product titles and descriptions frequently include the model year that an assembly corresponds to. You may also see other identifying labels to help you determine compatibilities, such as labels showing the compatible vehicle’s engine type, transmission type, and trim, such as a sedan or luxury sedan. You can also check your owners manual to find the correct bulb size.

Should you use a specific color temperature for Cadillac STS?

High color temperatures are all but standard for high beams on luxury vehicles. Color temperatures that range from 8000K to 10000K are bright white to blue in appearance. Moderate color temperatures, such as 5000K to 7000K, are not uncommon for low beams on luxury vehicles, resulting in pale yellow to white lights.

Some experts say higher color temperatures are synonymous with brightness. Ultimately, color temperature is a matter of personal choice. Amber and pale yellow to white headlights are still the norm and not uncommon on the Cadillac STS.

What is a high-intensity discharge LED conversion kit?

Many luxury sedans like the Cadillac arrive from the factory with high-intensity discharge (HID) or xenon bulbs for the high beams. An LED conversion kit lets you use LED bulbs in your HID headlight assembly. The kit includes wiring, bulbs, and instructions, allowing you to easily change your STS headlamp type.

Although both lighting types boast brightness and color temperature, LED is known for its efficiency and lumens per watt.

Do you have to use Cadillac headlight assemblies?

Although Cadillac headlight assemblies are available, headlights can be found as aftermarket parts, which means there are compatible headlights produced by Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM as well as by private labels.

OEM assemblies are direct replacements, corresponding to the specific part numbers on your Cadillac STS. Private labels and aftermarket brands include performance and custom headlights compatible with your Cadillac STS, such as assemblies with unique shapes, bulb types, and bulb sizes.

The list of specific brands is long and changes seasonally. At any given time you may find compatible headlights from:

  • Philips
  • Wagner
  • Sylvania
  • General Electric
  • General Motors