BMW Z4 Headlights

Outfit your BMW Z4 with stylish, powerful headlamps befitting your Roadsters peerless luxury and sportiness. In addition to illuminating dark landscapes and poor visibility, BMW headlamps define the overall look of your vehicles front end. With a wide selection of BMW Z4 headlights you can find the replacements or upgrades that you need for you BMW.

What distinguishes direct replacement from custom fitment types?

Direct replacement headlamp assemblies consist of housing manufactured by BMW or an Original Equipment Manufacturer, labeled as OEM. These are factory-made assemblies with part numbers corresponding to exact part numbers on your Z4. These BMW and OEM parts directly replace existing parts on your Z4.

The fitment types "custom" and "performance" denote independently manufactured assemblies compatible with your BMW according to model and year. These aftermarket-branded and private label assemblies have special features, such as smoked housing, tinted lenses, projector housing, or halo light arrangements.

What types of lights can you use?

The BMW Z4 factory headlamp assembly supports every major type of light commonly available, providing you retrofit your Z4 assembly using a conversion kit. As you may already know, xenon and HID are quite common on luxury vehicles as high-beam options.

Assuming your Z4 headlamp lights are HID, you can convert your BMW assembly to support halogen, Light-Emitting Diode, also referred to as LED, and Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Light, or CCFL.

Do you need to purchase a BMW headlamp ballast?

If you dont already have one, and you intend to use xenon or HID lights, yes, you need to purchase a ballast. Most HID conversion kits include a ballast. If you already have HID lights in your BMW Z4, you also already have ballasts that you may be able to reuse. Purchasing new ballasts is arguably a simpler course of action.

You must have two ballasts, one for each BMW Z4 headlamp assembly, in order for HID headlamps to work properly. The ballast helps provide the initial spark need to arc between the electrodes, creating light. The ballast also controls power supply, preventing the light from burning out within hours.

Why are some BMW Z4 headlamp lights blue?

The bluish tint is the result of a color temperature associated with xenon and HID. Different lights produce light in unique ways, resulting in unique color temperatures. A color temperature is the hue a given light takes on when it reaches its optimal temperature.

Color temperatures for BMW Z4 headlamps range from 4000K to 10000K. The letter "K" stands for "Kelvin", a unit of thermodynamic measure. Average BMW headlamp color temperatures are typically 5000K to 10000K. Lower temperatures are pale yellow to golden, and the hues whiten and verge on blue as the color temperature rises.

Can you get housing minus the bulb?

It depends on the type of housing. Aftermarket, OEM, and BMW headlamp housing may be either sealed beam or composite. Sealed beam assemblies are one piece, hermetically sealed, and you have to replace the entire assembly after the enclosed bulb runs its course.

With composite headlamps, you may change only the bulb as needed. You also may purchase composite headlamps that come with bulbs or without bulbs.