Harry Potter Collectibles

Harry Potter Collectibles

Ever since Harry Potter sprang on the literary scene in 1997 in a book authored by J. K. Rowling, children and adults have been reading about the boy wizard and his friends at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a school led by Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Due to the commercial success of these books and films, many Harry Potter collectibles are available.

What books are in the series?

There are seven books in the series, each one corresponding to a year of study at Hogwarts.

  • "The Sorcerer's Stone" - "The Sorcerer's Stone" introduces us to Harry Potter, "the boy who lived."
  • "The Chamber of Secrets" - Something is stalking the students, and it is up to Potter, Hermione, and Ron to discover the secret of the lost chamber of secrets.
  • "Prisoner of Azkaban" - Potter's godfather escapes from Azkaban, the prison for wizards, and is stalking Potter.
  • "Goblet of Fire" - It is time for the championship game of wizarding students from the wizarding schools.
  • "Order of the Phoenix" - As Voldemort gains in strength and power, the wizards who oppose him form a defensive group.
  • "The Half-Blood Prince" - Just who is the half-blood prince? Potter, Hermione, and Ron try to discover the truth about the half-blood prince.
  • "The Deathly Hallows" - Finally, Voldemort formulates his attack against Hogwarts in order to finish off Harry.
What sorts of Harry Potter merchandise and collectibles are there?

Over the years, there have been toys, clothes, games, movies, video games, and decorative collectibles made with the Harry Potter license.

  • LEGOs - LEGO has made several series featuring Potter. The first series, released in 2001-2002, had 14 sets and was based on the first movie, "The Sorcerer's Stone." Subsequent series were the 2002-2003 Chamber of Secrets with 10 sets, the 2004 Prisoner of Azkaban with 11 sets, the 2005 Goblet of Fire with four sets, the 2005 Order of the Phoenix with one set, the 2010 revival series with five remakes and one set based on "The Half-Blood Prince," and the 2011 Deathly Hallows with four sets.
  • Movies - Each of the books is represented by a film, and the films have been produced in various collectible compilations.
  • Board games - Games like Monopoly and Clue have been branded with the characters.
  • Video games - Video games featuring Potter have been made for several console systems, most correlating to a specific book and movie. One of the games, "LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4," features Lego minifigures in the Harry Potter world.
  • Wands - There are many wands to collect, and most are styled after the wands owned by the students.
  • Collectibles - Items made specifically for the collectible market exist that epitomize the Potter world. Many of these are familiar items and characters from the books, like Hedwig the owl, the Triwizard Cup, the Quidditch game components, the Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw, chess sets, the Marauder's Map.
  • Funko Pops - Funko Pops are plastic figures with oversized heads. Potter and all his compatriots have been reborn as Funko Pops.