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Haro Bikes

Haro Bicycles

Haro Bicycles produces a line of BMX bicycles. In general, the term "BMX" is used to categorize bikes that are specifically used for racing or stunt riding. Because they have specific uses, you want to choose a Haro bike that is designed for your intended purpose.

What types of Haro BMX bikes are there?

There are three main types of BMX bikes from Haro, including:

  • True BMX: These Haro bikes feature a lightweight frame, a strong rear brake, and knobby tires. These bikes can be used for purposes such as short off-road rides, dirt track racing, and around-town biking.
  • Freestyle: Freestyle bikes from Haro are designed to perform tricks. The bikes have a beefy frame, large wheels, and pavement-ready tires. Freestyle bikes are typically ridden at skate parks or in areas that are appropriate for trick riding.
  • Dirt jumper: These Haro bikes are a fusion between true BMX bikes and freestyle bikes. They also have a sturdy frame and a rear brake. These bikes can be ridden on jump ramps or be taken biking on local trails.
What size Haro BMX bikes are there?

If you are looking to measure for a BMX bike, you will want to look at the length of the top tube to ensure that you get the correct size for larger individuals and the wheel size for smaller individuals. Consider looking for a Haro bike based on your height. This list below can help guide you as its a general guide.

  • Up to 3 feet tall: The bike should have a 12-inch wheel.
  • Between 3 feet and 3 feet 6 inches tall: The Haro bike should have a 16-inch wheel.
  • Between 3 feet 4 inches and 4 feet 4 inches tall: The BMX should have an 18-inch wheel.
  • Between 4 feet and 5 feet 4 inches tall: The BMX should have a 20-inch wheel with a top tube that measures between 18 inches and 20.25 inches long.
  • Between 5 feet and 6 feet tall: The BMX bike should have 20-inch wheels and a top tube that measures between 20.25 inches and 21 inches long.
What are some considerationd when looking for BMX bikes?

When looking for a BMX bike from Haro, it might help to consider the following points:

  • Intention: The bike frames, wheels, and brakes are different based on the type of BMX bike. You want to make sure that you find a Haro bike that is built to handle the type of racing or riding you are interested in.
  • Materials: Some bicycles are made with high-tensile steel, but Haro uses chromoly to make its bikes, which is a lightweight alloy metal.
  • Bearings: Sealed or unsealed bearings determine how smooth of a ride a BMX bike delivers.
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