How to Choose the Right Center Channel Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Creating a home theater means you have to put together the right components. With that in mind, Harman Kardon center-channel speakers and subwoofers work together to create an immersive audio system that can increase the power of your home theater and make songs sound more layered and dimensional.

Which Speaker Types Are Available?

When it comes to selecting audio components, there are a few distinct types to choose from. These speakers work in tandem to create the home theater experience you desire.

  • The center-channel option is the main speaker. You can wall-mount center speakers, and they offer 10 to 80 watts of power. They come in assorted sizes ranging from mini to oversized, and you can either buy them separately or as part of a home-theater package. 
  • Satellite speakers are smaller speakers that include a dome tweeter. This type is meant for high-audio frequencies. These two-way models feature a midrange driver to add a level of smoothness and richness to audio and are used as surround speakers to fill the room with sound.
  • A subwoofer is for low frequencies, such as bass notes, and some models go up to 100 watts, providing significant power. Meant to reduce distortion and minimize static, a woofer is a crucial piece of equipment for a home audio system.

What Features Do These Speakers Have?

Harman Kardon electronics offer an array of appealing features that can amplify the sound of your televisions audio as well as deliver crisp and clear tones that offer a cinema level of quality.

  • Installing models isnt difficult, and inputs are available for connecting peripherals to the receiver without issue. Center-channel designs come with hardware included for mounting your model to the wall for a space-saving solution, including wall-mounting brackets. For those who have the space to avoid mounting, you can buy stands for the models instead.
  • When you buy an entire system, all the components are created from the same driver material, which ensures consistency of sound. 
  • The equipment has a sleek, modern look that seamlessly fits into any type of home decor. Most designs are made with a glossy black exterior. 

How Do You Select Speakers?

There are a few ways that you can set up your center channel speaker and other pieces of equipment. It depends largely on how much space you have and on the type of experience youre looking for in a home theater system.

  • A 5.1 channel system like the HKTS includes six components that create a complete home-theater experience. 
  • Another option is to buy individual models depending on what you would like, such as just a center channel speaker or only a woofer. 
  • Pick the right tech based on size, features, and wattage based on your specific needs.

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