Enjoy Your Music With CD Players

While some people store all their music in digital files on a laptop or cell phone, others still want to be able to appreciate their extensive CD collections built up during the heyday of compact disc players. Modern Harman Kardon designs its compact disc players for optimal sound quality and an enjoyable listening experience while offering the added benefits of Bluetooth compatibility, in-built radios, and remotes.

Why Should You Buy a CD Player?

If sound quality is important to you and you want to listen to uncompressed audio files, then a compact disc player is still an important addition to your home audio setup.

  • Audio goes through a number of different stages when converted from CDs or vinyl into a compressed digital format, such as an MP3, which usually results in a reduction of sound quality along the way.
  • There's something special about listening to a CD by a particular artist from start to finish with the cover notes at hand, which is something that you can't replicate when listening to tracks in digital format or through live streaming services.
  • You can combine your compact disc player with high-end external speakers that will also add to the overall sound quality and projection of the system.

What Should You Look for When Buying a CD Player?

Compact disc players and stereo systems are available with a vast array of different features, from fairly basic early models to state-of-the-art modern systems. A well-made remote control is also a welcome addition so you can easily navigate and control the system using the remote, no matter where you are in the room.

  • Look for CD players with front-facing controls so you can store them in a unit and still be able to easily access the controls. Similarly, opt for front-facing USB ports, rather than on the back, so you can plug and unplug a USB drive without having to shift the unit around.
  • Make sure you check the specifications of the CD player to understand which disc formats it will support, particularly if you have a large collection of homemade discs.
  • Consider additional services based on your individual needs, including wireless support for online radio and live streaming services.

How Can You Hook Up Your CD Player?

Most Harman Kardon CD players don't come with in-built amplifiers, so you need to consider how you are going to connect it to your external stereo amplifier.

  • Make sure the CD player you're considering has outputs that are compatible with your existing gear.
  • Some older model amps and receivers may not have digital inputs, so check if the CD player has available analog outputs first.

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