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Control Your Devices Using an HP Remote

HP is a technology company that produces computing solutions, devices, and related accessories, such as remotes. Its remote controls are available in a wide array of types with a number of features. Understanding some common remote control features may help you find the product that meets your needs.

What are some common features of laptop remotes?

Laptop remote controls allow you to interact with your Windows computer from a distance. You may want to be able to scroll through a business presentation at work using PowerPoint from across the room or activate your laptop to play a DVD or slideshow when you are not near it. A laptop remote can help you do this by interfacing with some of the computer's features. Although the precise functions on a laptop remote can vary from one model to the next, some common features you might find on these items include:

  • DVD-tray operation: You can remotely open or close the DVD tray on your laptop.
  • Volume control: You can adjust the volume of any music or sound effects you might be listening to with these buttons.
  • Scrolling control: You can scroll through various slides that are open on your computer or any documents you might project on a screen for a presentation.
What kinds of HP remote controls are there?

There are several kinds controls that work using different technologies, such as:

  • Infrared: Remote controls with infrared sensors send a signal via infrared wavelengths to a similar sensor on the unit you wish to control. This signal then converts to an action depending on the button you press.
  • USB: USB remotes can usually communicate with other technology after you attach their accompanying dongles to the unit. The drive may need to install or update drivers before you can communicate with it.
  • Serial: Serial remotes can gain access to both digital and analog technology over specific serial ports like RS-232.
  • Radio frequency: Radio frequency remote controls send a radio signal to a receiver. You may not need to point a radio frequency remote at the technology you want to activate.
What things can you access with remotes?

Some of these remote controls may be able to provide you with access to multiple units. However, if you are searching for a product that controls specific technology, you can purchase one that gives you access to:

  • TVs
  • Home media centers
  • Computers
  • Disc players
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