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Small Printing with HP 5 x 7 Printer Photo Paper

Some of your digital camera photos would look great in a decorative picture frame to display in your home or office. With HP 5 x 7 photo printer paper, you can make prints to fit into your small frames without a lot of cutting or trimming. Just adjust your inkjet printing machine settings to make a quality glossy photo to enjoy for years to come.

How much does HP small glossy photo paper weigh?

The 60 sheet ream of HP 5 x 7 premium photo paper weighs around 80 lbs. The thickness of this glossy paper is 11.5 mil, which is 0.0115 inches.

How many sheets of glossy paper are in a pack?

Most HP 5 x 7 glossy packs will have 25 to 60 sheets per ream, and it will be marked on the package.

How can you configure your printer to use this paper?

The settings on your printer need to be changed in order to correctly print your image on HP 5 x 7 glossy paper. You will need to change the size of the paper so that the image is not cut off. Also, you will need to change the type of paper to a photo glossy setting. This way, the print head will dispense the color ink properly and not smudge the image. To give you a clear photo print, make sure to adjust the quality settings to maximum or premium so that the printing machine will take extra care when moving the print head back and forth.

What type of projects can be created with this paper?

You can make the following print projects either in portrait or landscape orientation with HP 5 x 7 Glossy photo paper:

  • Photographs that will fit in small frames and wallets
  • Invitations, photo cards, announcements, and thank you cards
  • Small flyers for bulletin boards and mailers
How should you take care of HP photo paper?

HP photo paper should be stored and used with special care in the following manner:

  • Too avoid smudging, adjust your inkjet or laser printer to work with glossy photo paper so that the correct amount of ink is applied. Refer to the original printing machine instructions for configuration.
  • Keep paper away from extremely hot surfaces or areas. The photo paper packaging will list the maximum storage and printing temperature.
  • Keep all photo paper away from moist areas in order to avoid damage and mold build up.
  • Recycle or discard photo paper scraps with other mixed source paper.
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