An HDMI to AV Converter Buying Guide

Do you have a TV that is still in good condition but lacks an HDMI port? The solution to this problem is to use an HDMI to AV adapter. With an HDMI to video cable, you can bring an old, late 1990s TV to life again. Most converters come with all the leads and have options for TV, VCR, VHS, and DVD recorders. Some models are the plug and play type, so you don’t need any drivers. If you are looking for a bargain, eBay has a ton of quality options.

How do AV and HDMI cables differ?

An HDMI cable is a digital replacement for an AV cable, and it is used to carry combined video, audio, control, and sometimes ethernet signals between different digital devices. Unlike HDMI, AV is analog, so it only works with low-resolution videos. The HDMI technology also supports audio return channel (ARC), an audio link that replaces other cables connecting TV and the AV receiver. To connect devices with different input and output ports, you need either an HDMI AV cable or an AV to HDMI cable.

Are HDMI to AV adapters like AV to HDMI cables?

While the titles or names of these two devices might reflect their functions, some people use them to mean the same thing. Here is how these devices function:

  • HDMI to AV converter cable: If you have an old projector or a TV that works well but has an RCA input port, and you have modern devices such as gaming consoles that only have HDMI output, then you are an HDMI to AV converter target customer. The HDMI AV cable helps to connect your old and modern devices. The HDMI to video cable converts the HDMI signals to RCA signals and enhances the image quality.
  • AV to HDMI converter: If you have older VHS players, camcorders, and many other vintage systems that do not have HDMI output ports and still want to display them on newer, high-definition TVs that only have the HDMI input ports, the AV cable to HDMI will help you to connect your devices. The AV cable to HDMI decodes the AV signals to original bits and then reroutes them to the HDMI port.
How affordable is an HDMI AV adapter?

The real risk when buying an HDMI to AV adapter is the scores of brands selling overpriced cables. In the early days, the HDMI to AV converter price was on the higher side due to price gouging, but today you can get a reasonably priced HDMI to AV converter cable on eBay. A simple online search of the term ‘HDMI to AV converter near me’ will give you tons of options.