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HDMI 1.4 Micro Audio and Video Cable and Adapter

The HDMI 1.4 Micro AV Monitor Cable and Adapter enhances audio and video input and output dramatically. This product is a highly efficient HDMI cable with a reliable converter for input and output of sound and video to your computer. If a movie or traditional application needs a sharper digital HDMI signal or enhanced video, this HD solution is worth considering.

What can you do with a 1.4 HDMI micro audio and video cable?

This cable is suitable for attaching phones or small tablets to your HDTV or monitor to do any of the following:

  • Play games from your device
  • Stream movies
  • Share videos or photos

What is a 1.4 HDMI micro audio and video cable?

This HDMI cable will convert a standard signal to an HD signal for the input and output of audio and video from your tablet or smartphone to your computer or HDTV. The main converter device technology helps do the following:

  • Strategically increase the number of pixels displayed
  • Create bolder and crisper colors
  • Improve the display of pictures

How is a 1.4 HDMI micro cable used?

The process of using a 1.4 HDMI micro AV cable and adapter is easy, as the converter will connect with ease. In order to experience the best performance, you must do the following:

  • Carefully align the large connecter with the HDMI port on your monitor or HDTV
  • Place the connecter on the adapter firmly into place on your smartphone, tablet, or other device
  • Test the signal by running a game or pulling up photos from your device

Since the cable adaptor converter is designed with a sturdy housing, slight tugs wont knock the audio connector out of place. After attaching the audio and video connector to the appropriate port, the main cord, being several feet long, will give you more room to move away from the monitor or HDTV.

What solutions will an HDMI audio and video cable provide?

  • During gaming sessions, you can connect and use the HDMI cable and adapter converter for overall better gaming sessions.
  • While playing a shooting game, youll have more opportunities to hit targets in dim environments because the image enhancements will make distant objects more crisp and vibrant.
  • The cable and adapter can also take general tasks to the next level because the signal carries HD effects, which are easier to examine on a traditional monitor or HDTV. This means that you can examine the photos on your smartphone or tablet more efficiently while using this HDMI cable and adapter.

How is an HDMI audio and video cable cared for?

Since the HDMI cable and adapter are constructed out of strong, commercial-grade material, dust and high temperatures wont harm the housing. However, be sure to remember the following:

  • Because the adapter has multiple connectors, this product shouldnt be placed near water, as damp conditions can lead to rust.
  • In order to protect the interior wiring underneath the housing, always keep the product in a secure spot thats away from pets.