Subaru Impreza Grilles

Whether you drive the coupe, sedan, or wagon, the Subaru Impreza is an excellent compact vehicle noted for its fuel economy, spacious rear seats, and features like adaptive cruise control. When you look at the front of your four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive Subaru Impreza, the first thing you may notice is the grille. This prominent feature plays a major role in protecting your Subarus engine assembly while setting your Impreza apart from other vehicles, including other Subaru makes and models.

What do car grilles do for your Subaru?

Car grilles are designed to protect the engine compartment from debris that may get kicked up by other vehicles on the road. Additionally, grilles made for Subarus also allow air to move through the engine compartment to keep it from overheating. However, many car companies also use the design of the grille to set the different vehicles apart from each other. Some drivers decide to change out the grille for a different style, as a replacement grille will enhance the look of the Subaru.

What are the differences between OEM and aftermarket grilles?

OEM grilles and aftermarket grilles for Subaru Imprezas have several main differences:

  • OEM grilles: These grilles are made by companies that were contracted to produce the grilles that went in the original Subaru Impreza. As such, there are certain specifications and safety standards that have to be met by these parts. When replacing an old grille with a new OEM grille, you may not see a difference between the two other than potential packaging differences.
  • Aftermarket grilles: These grilles are made by companies that did not play a role in manufacturing the original grille. Aftermarket parts may come in different finishes and designs than the original parts. However, some Impreza owners can use aftermarket grilles to give their sedan or hatchback a more unique look.
Where are grilles located on a vehicle?

Depending on the modifications you may or may not have made to your Subaru, there are certain places where you will often find grilles installed. These locations include:

  • Fender: These grilles go over the fenders near the Subarus wheel well to provide ventilation for the brakes. They are specifically designed to cover small vents that are located near the tires.
  • Bumper: These grilles provide additional airflow to the engine assembly and radiator. Some vehicles offer bumper grilles as a standard feature, though you can add them after the fact if needed. There are many aftermarket options available that are compatible with the Impreza.
  • Hood scoop: These are raised vents on the hood that give some vehicles extra ventilation for the engine. The hood scoop grilles protect these ventilation openings from damage that could be caused by road debris.