Scion tC Grilles

The grille on your Toyota Scion tC is designed to allow air to flow through the engine assembly while preventing damage from road debris. However, because the front grille is the first thing you see when you look at a car, many companies have taken to giving the grille a unique design that is easily recognizable. If you need to replace the grille on your tC, you can go with the same grille your Scion came with, or you can choose an aftermarket option that has a different personality.

What are the front grille types?

There are four main types of grilles that can be installed on the front of your Toyota tC:

  • Full grille guards: These grilles have two center upright bars that mount directly to the Scions frame. Side brush guards wrap around the front and provide protection for the Toyota tCs headlights.
  • Center grille guards: These grille guards do not wrap around the headlights. Otherwise, they offer the same amount of protection and style as the full grille guards.
  • Bull bars: The grille guards protect the lower bumper from rocks and other debris in the road. They can be made from a variety of metals and materials.
  • Mesh grilles: These intertwined grilles give vehicles a high-performance look and come in a variety of different materials and finishes depending on your desires. Mesh grilles can come in a variety of patterns.
What finishes can car grilles come in?

When choosing replacement grilles, there are three types of finishes. These finishes include:

  • Painted finishes: These mesh grilles have a surface that has been painted. The paint used is typically the same paint that the Scion tC manufacturer used. Painted grilles for Scions are often black, although you may be able to find grilles that have been painted in accent colors.
  • Chrome finishes: These grilles have a chrome coating that gives them a shiny effect. These grilles are glossy and highly reflective. They are often chosen for vehicles that have chrome accents on them.
  • Powder coating finishes: These coatings give the grilles a matte finish. This finish also makes the grilles more resistant to corrosion and protects them against damage.
What materials are car grilles made from?

Grilles for your Toyota are made from three main types of materials. These materials are:

  • Stainless steel: This material is often used for grilles as it provides a classic look. The steel resists rust, making it an option for those who live in humid climates. Grilles made from stainless steel can look like new for decades.
  • Aluminum: Some manufacturers make grilles from aluminum, a material that is lightweight and durable. It can be polished or come in other finishes, depending on your wants.
  • ABS composite: This plastic material is lightweight and sleek. It can have a chrome finish or other finishes. Grilles made of ABS composite are easy to install on many different types of vehicles.