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Mercedes-Benz SL500 Grilles

Transform or upgrade the look and efficiency of your Mercedes-Benz SL500 front end with a new grille. Grille assemblies draw air into your auto system, keeping your engine and transmission at optimal temperatures. The following five questions and answers demystify details about available Mercedes-Benz SL-Class grilles and related parts of your front end assembly.

What grille placements can you get?

Peruse grilles for placement on any part of your Mercedes-Benz SL-Class vehicle where such a placement is common to this class. This includes front, rear, left, right, lower, and upper. Most of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles in this class possess the same number and arrangement of grilles. Depending on availability, you may purchase sets of grilles or single products as needed, such as the following:

  • Radiator Grille
  • Bumper Cover Grille
  • Right and Left Grille
What if you want to replace the emblem simultaneously?

You have the option of purchasing a front center grille that does or does not include the signature Mercedes-Benz emblem. The latter grille has a pre-cut hole into which you can install a signature, compatible SL500 or SL-Class emblem, sold separately. There are also AMG turbo badges and trunk emblems to choose from. Any of these choices contributes a luxurious, polished look to your vehicles exterior.

What are small front and side intake vents?

Small front and side intake vents are aesthetic additions to the exterior of the SL500 and SL-Class. They do not actually take in any air or cool your engine or transmission. There are adhesive versions available that you can position on any part of your car, although side and front positions are most common. Installation generally takes minutes. Its advisable to thoroughly clean the area to which you want to affix the sticker vent and to first heat the sticker with a heat gun to ensure pliability.

What types and materials do these come in?

Grille types fall into two categories: mesh and billet. Mesh grilles resemble netting with networks of fine twisted wires. Similarly, the components of billet grilles come in different sizes for visual effect. Billet grilles can come with the slats arranged vertically or horizontally. Material choices include the following:

  • Aluminum: Alloys, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Stainless Steel: High-carbon steel, alloys,
  • Plastic: ABS
  • Chrome: Alloys containing chromium
Do you have to get grilles by Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz manufactures grilles and accessories that are available for purchase, but you may also want to explore grilles and accessories from compatible aftermarket branded manufacturers. Although availability varies seasonally, the list of compatible brands is quite long, offering tons of variety in terms of grille types, materials, colors, and finishes. The following list indicates what is potentially available at any given time:

  • AMG, BMW, Brabus
  • Crazythegod, Eurspec, Factory Spec
  • Privat, Possbay, Mihaz, Martins
  • Keystone Automotive Operations
  • B2C Central, 3A Motor
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