Mercedes-Benz E350 Grilles

Showcase your Mercedes-Benz E350 with a front-end upgrade in the form of a new grille. Beyond aesthetics, grilles enhance cooling capacity, keeping your engine and transmission cool, and preventing ingression of dust, debris, and bugs.

Are E-350 grilles billet or mesh?

It depends on the placement. The main front center grille is typically billet, with slats running horizontally. Some have a single central vertical line bisecting the horizontal lines, and others have a layer of mesh behind the billet slats. There are grilles with the signature Mercedes-Benz star positioned in the center and those without the star.

The front lower center, left, and right grilles on your vehicle are typically mesh. You may find these described as bumper grilles, bumper cover mesh grilles, and grille screen meshes.

What are Mercedes-Benz E-Class grilles made of?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class grilles boast durable construction meant to withstand extreme elements and general wear. Aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, and plastic are most common, as well as silver iridium and combinations of the above.

It is not uncommon to come across Mercedes-Benz E-Class grilles consisting of a sturdy but lightweight internal material and a chrome or stainless steel coating. The coating has the signature metallic appearance of a Mercedes-Benz grille in addition to the corrosion resistance typical of stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum.

How do you locate a compatible grille?

During your research, confirm that the grille corresponds to your particular E-Class car and the year of your Mercedes model. Grilles are predominantly aftermarket-branded and OEM products, so some grilles specifically fit the 350, whereas others fit various members of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, including the 350.

Some grilles only fit cars manufactured in a particular year, and other grilles fit an array of cars manufactured over a period of years.

What are MB W212 and S212 grilles?

W212 and S212 are two of the main body types within the E350 family. W212 is the sedan, and the S212 is the station wagon. The sedan and station wagon are comprehensive facelifts of W211 and S211. This is important to know because these facelifts and evolved body types indicate the years Mercedes manufactured and sold them. Some grille product information includes the body type to help you better determine if the grille is compatible with your Mercedes-Benz.

What brands of aftermarket grilles are compatible?

Mercedes-Benz cars present hundreds of compatible choices to owners seeking aftermarket and OEM grilles. Remember: you also may purchase official Mercedes-Benz E-Class grilles and related accessories. OEM and aftermarket expand your potential choices into the thousands in terms of materials, color, and finishes.

The assortment of aftermarket and OEM brand names varies seasonally, but it is consistently long and diverse. The following list is subject to change at any time, merely offering a sample of brands you may encounter during your research:

  • XM, 3A Motor, Volkswagen, AMG, UU Autoparts, APS.
  • Uroparts, Autoloc, Sherman, Brabus, RH, Crazythegod.
  • Prozone, EAAG, Possbay, Eurospec, PM, Factory Automotive Distributors.
  • MIT, Factory Spec, Martins, GTInthebox.
  • LKG, Keystone Automotive Operations.