Mercedes-Benz C300 Grilles

Protect the engine of your Mercedes-Benz C300 from dust and debris with a grille. Grilles promote aeration, keep your transmission cool, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Mercedes front end. The following five questions and answers preview the types of C300 grilles that you can find.

Are there C-Class grilles without stars?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class grilles with and without stars are available. The grilles without stars have a pre-cut hole, letting you install a Mercedes-Benz C-Class grille star. Before you purchase your grille star, confirm its compatible. The product description typically identifies which class specifications the star conforms to. Mercedes grilles with and without stars fall into all standard categories of grille types.

What are the standard categories of grille types?

Across models and makes, compatible grilles are either billet or mesh types. Billet grilles have slats running vertically or horizontally, whereas mesh grilles look something like fishnet. Of Mercedes-Benz mesh grilles, there are two sub-types:

  • Textured: Textured Mercedes-Benz C-Class grilles have a fine mesh.
  • Diamond style: This sub-type has a large mesh pattern resembling a honeycomb or tessellated diamond shapes.
What if you need smaller grilles or grilles with accessories?

There are bumper grilles for the left and right side of your Mercedes-Benz C-Class car. As far as smaller grilles, textured and diamond grille dimensions vary slightly between Mercedes-Benz C-Class years. Check that any grilles youre perusing are designed for your vehicles model year.

There are also C-Class grilles with active shutters. These are shutters that you can manipulate to improve aerodynamics as you accelerate. For accessories, consider adhesive decorative intake vents and AMG emblems.

What are these grilles made of?

All Mercedes-Benz grilles are engineered to resist corrosion, extreme temperatures, weather, and general wear. Since C-Class grilles come from both Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers, materials vary between brands and grille types. Generally, grilles are made of:

  • Aluminum alloy and aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Alloys of chromium
  • Thermoplastic, such as ABS
  • Stainless steel, carbon steel, and mild steel
How do Mercedes-Benz C-Class grille conversion kits work?

Each kit is different, but most kits let you convert your existing grille to a new style, such as from luxury to sporty. The new grille still serves the same function as the previous, but its overall appearance is different. These kits are typically OEM products, so one kit is often compatible with an entire list of vehicles in a particular class. For example, some C300 grille conversion kits are compatible with:

  • C300 4Matic
  • 4Matic Luxury Sedan Four-Door
  • Luxury Sedan Four-Door
  • Sport Sedan Four-Door,