Mazda 3 Grilles

Show them how sporty your Mazda 3 can look with just the right grille. A unique type of grill is a simple way to give your Mazda an instant makeover and elevate its style.

What are the grille model types?

There are models for most years of Mazda 3 production as well as the body style or trim, such as sedan, hatchback, compact, Touring, or Grand Touring. Aftermarket Mazda 3 accessories fit all models, and you must make sure the production year matches that of your Mazda. The differences are mostly aesthetic, unique to each vehicles trim level.

What are the grille finishes?

Mazda favors black or silver colors for most of its accessories, and compatible aftermarket replacements conform to this rule. The significant difference in finishes comes down to matte or gloss. Both are aesthetically appealing as well as practical. Choosing between gloss or matte depends on the prevailing theme of your trim and other accessories. For example, you might want your gloss front end accessories to match your gloss wheels.

Finishes also enhance the corrosion resistance of the products. They withstand extreme temperatures and keep your grille looking pristine for years to come.

What are the Mazda grille types?

The two most common types are mesh and billet. Mesh types have fine strands that appear twisted and loosely woven, somewhat like a sieve. Billet types typically consist of bold lines arranged vertically or horizontally, resembling slats. Both models perform the same functions, and both are available in stainless steel, aluminum alloys, chrome, and fiberglass.

Fiberglass mesh and billet are flexible. They flex very slightly in response to pressure and heat, so they are unlikely to be rigid and prone to breakage. They are also light without being flimsy.

How durable are Mazda grilles?

All Mazda grilles are highly durable and created to permit proper aeration and cooling of your Mazda hatchback or sedan engine while keeping out debris and bugs. Aluminum 6061-T6 is aircraft-grade aluminum, prized worldwide for its heavy-duty strength and light weight. Aluminum is but one of many incredibly sturdy, yet lightweight, materials Mazda uses for its Mazda 3 accessories and other Mazda vehicles. You may also encounter:

  • Aluminum alloys
  • 304 Stainless Steel: An alloy of chrome and nickel
  • Chrome
  • Plastic components
  • Fiberglass
How do you install a grille?

It depends on the product. Aftermarket, OEM, and private label grilles that fit Mazda 3 comes in two categories according to installation type: overlay and insert. Insert types fit directly into the shell openings of your Mazda 3 front end, whether it is a sedan, hatchback, Touring, or Grand Touring.

An overlay fits directly over your existing grille. It is sometimes called a bolt-over. Elements of the original grille may be visible through the overlay, but this textural component gives your grille a heightened sportiness or luxurious look, depending on the overlay. Inserts and overlays are durable and easy to install.