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Jaguar S-Type Grilles

Maintain the iconic front end of your Jaguar S-Type with a compatible grille. Sleek, durable, and timelessly elegant, the Jaguar has a grille presenting classic sensibilities married to powerful, cutting-edge design and functionality. Here are several features and benefits common to this vital automotive component.

How do you find a compatible grille?

There are several pieces of information to look for when trying to gauge the compatibility of a prospective grille. For example, product descriptions for Jaguar S-Type grilles contain the model year as well as other identifying characteristics of a given S-Type that the advertised grille fits.

Look for engine type, body type, and valvetrain. You may encounter grilles linked specifically to the S-Type four-door sedan with V8 and dual overhead camshaft transmission. Some product descriptions even include compatible vehicle identification numbers to help you narrow down your choices.

Are these grilles mesh or billet?

Jaguar S-Type grilles come in mesh or billet style. The Jaguar S-Type boasts one main, central, upper grille, and three lower bumper grilles: right, center, and left. There are mesh and billet upper grilles with vertical billet being most common. The available bumper grilles are almost invariably of the mesh variety. Choosing between mesh and billet is a matter of personal taste.

All Jaguar S-Type grilles are heavy duty and lasting. Theyre designed to aerate your engine and your transmission, prevent the problem of overheating, and minimize the problem of dust, debris, and bug ingression.

Are these grilles the same quality as Jaguar products?

Generally, there are authentic Jaguar-made grilles available to purchase, but specific availability varies. Among the constant flow of products on the automotive components market, there is always a mixture of Jaguar-made, aftermarket branded, and parts by original equipment manufacturers.

Independent manufacturers produce aftermarket parts for general retail within the automotive industry. These grilles are high quality and customizable for each vehicle type. OEMs produce grilles with authentic part numbers designed for direct replacement on your Jaguar.

What about Jaguar grilles with emblems and finishes?

Grilles with embedded growler emblems are less common. There are mesh and billet grilles with embedded growler emblems, and brand choices include OEM, aftermarket branded, and private label.

As for finishes, polished and brushed finishes dominate. Polished finishes consist of alloys, such as chrome, and tend to have a shiny, glossy appearance. Brushed finishes may be semi-glossy or matte with a textured look to match either semi-glossy or matte trims and wheels.

What colors and materials are available?

S-Type grilles come in silver and black, but you can also find custom aftermarket grilles in shades of red or blue. Grilles may be a single color, or the mesh or billet section may be black or silver, and the frame may be another color entirely.

Material choices include:

  • Chrome
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene