GMC Terrain Grilles

Grilles have become their own art form, and they are one of the nicer accessories about getting behind the wheel of a car, truck, or SUV, such as the GMC Terrain. The grille of your GMC Terrain is sleek and aesthetically pleasing, and when you need a new one, you can choose the grille thats suits the style of your vehicle.

What is the purpose of having a GMC Terrain grille?

The grille of a vehicle has a few utilitarian purposes besides aesthetics. Grilles allow air to circulate under the hood of your GMC compact sport utility vehicle. They also keep the engine and the radiator from overheating. Of course, a vehicle with its front grille torn off gets a great deal of airflow, but a grille allows this in a controlled and decorous way.

What is a billet grille for the Terrain?

A billet grille is a grille on your GMC that is made from a solid piece of metal, such as steel or aluminum. This differentiates it from an original equipment or OE grille that is standard on the GMC crossover car. OE grilles are often not made of metal but an especially tough plastic that is painted to look like metal. A billet grille can replace the original equipment grille or be placed on top of it. There are different types of billet grilles, including mesh, bar, and punch. They can even be made out of LED lights to add extra style to your GMC standard or Denali trim line.

How do you install or replace a GMC Terrain grille?

Installing or replacing a grille can be a bit involved on this type of SUV. You can do this while the car is on the ground or you can raise it up.

  1. Disconnect the car battery, which is found under the hood right near the radiator in the 2015 Terrain model.
  2. Remove the bolts, torque screws, and clips that secure the cover over the grille.
  3. Remove the wheel wells and the fender flares. The easiest way to do this is to remove the front wheels first.
  4. Disconnect the fog lights then remove the screws on the fender wall side of the bumpers. Have a friend hold the bumper.
  5. Remove the last screw and pull out the top of the bumper.
  6. Remove the grill with a socket and ratchet and straighten the pins on the grille’s retaining clips.
  7. Work the old grille out carefully and install the new grille.
  8. Replace the bumper with the new grille.
  9. When this is done, put everything, screws, bolts, clips and panels, back where they belong on your Terrain.
  10. Reconnect the car battery.