Ford Fiesta Grilles

Grilles play an important role in regulating your Ford Fiestas temperature and maintaining its appearance. They allow air to flow freely into the body of the vehicle. The grilles purpose is to protect the Fiestas radiator and engine from unwanted outside debris.

Why is a grille insert important for a Ford Fiesta?

Grilles allow the free flowing of air into the body of your Fiesta. This helps prevent the vehicle from overheating and keeps the engine operating well. The main purpose of a guard is to protect against foreign debris from entering the interior of your Fiesta. Gunk such as bugs, grime, and other unpleasant substances can get into the car and decrease efficiency. Grilles also have a cosmetic appeal and add to the appearance of the car.

How often must you clean a Ford Fiesta grille insert?

There is no set time you should wait between grille cleanings. The inserts can be treated the same way you clean the rest of your car. They can be cleaned at an automatic or manual car wash, or they can be scrubbed manually with soap and water. They can also be waxed. The general rule is to clean it whenever it is visibly dirty from road salt, bugs, grime, and other debris that can get caught in it. A grille with impacted airflow can cause overheating in the engine and in the radiator.

What materials are they made from?

Grilles can be made from a number of different materials. Often, they are made from aluminum and woven wire sheets made from stainless steel. This ensures they will last a long time against the elements and prevent rust. They can also be made from ABS plastic, which is a solid light material that holds up well.

Different materials require different care. For example, aluminum grille inserts need to be polished regularly to maintain their shine.

What styles are there for the Ford Fiesta?
  • Billet: The billet, or bar, style consists of a protective grid of bars designed to deflect incoming objects.
  • Honeycomb: This style consists of an interwoven pattern of small ovals.
  • Parthenon Largely used on classic cars, it consists of bars that go straight up and down.
Do they come with the Ford logo?

Yes, there are replacement logos available if the original one from your Ford Fiesta has been destroyed or lost. Some grilles will come with the logo already affixed. In other cases, you may have to purchase the logo separately and then put it on.

They also come in different colors. Black and silver are easy to find. Most grilles simply bolt over the existing grill. However, they can also entirely replace the OEM part.

How do you choose a Ford Fiesta grille insert?
  • Choose by size: Ensure the grille you are considering purchasing is the correct size for a Ford Fiesta.
  • Choose by material: Choose which materials you want as well as the style you find appealing.
  • Choose by fit: Its recommended that you measure your vehicle to be certain of fit.
  • Choose between OEM and aftermarket: Both OEM parts and third-party parts are manufactured. Third-party grilles are made to the original manufacturers specifications to ensure quality.