Ford F-150 Grilles

Every Ford F-150 comes with a grille to let the flow of air cool the engine. Aftermarket options are available to give your pickup a more individual look. You can completely replace original parts or choose an overlay in one of many styles and finishes.

What are Ford F-150 grilles made of?

The original part on Ford F-150 grilles are made of heavy ABS plastic. Replacement grilles and overlays may also be made of ABS plastic, but youll find that aftermarket parts are commonly made of aluminum or stainless steel. All of these materials are durable and perform well.

What is a billet grille for a Ford pickup?

The term “billet” means the part is made from a solid block of aluminum or steel. Billet grilles are very strong and are available in several styles.

  • Bar billet: This type can have either horizontal or vertical bars. The horizontal style has bars that run from side to side across the grille and give your Ford truck a broad appearance. Vertical bars run from top to bottom, giving your truck a leaner, sleeker look. Both horizontal and vertical bars can be thick or very thin.
  • Mesh: The mesh type gives a more solid, intense appearance to the truck. You may find that standard net patterns or more unique checkered configurations give your Ford the look you want.
  • Punch: The punch type is formed of a solid sheet of metal. Small patterns are punched through, like using a hole-punch on paper. The holes may be circles, honeycombs, or other geometric shapes.
  • LED: LED lights can be combined with any of the grille styles. They give the same off-road lighting as a light bar on top of the truck, but they are not susceptible to being knocked off. Even if you don’t spend much time off-road, LED grilles give your F-150 a very stylish, distinctive look. The lights are very long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about frequent maintenance
What are bumper grilles for a Ford?

Bumper grilles are smaller accessories that are mounted to the center of the front bumper of the F-150. They are available in the same styles as the primary grilles and are often used with them as a set. They help give the entire front end of your Ford an integrated look from top to bottom.

What finishes are available for Ford F-150 grilles?

Depending on the material of the grille you choose for your Ford, there are several finish options in black or silver. Matte black and black powder can give your truck a sophisticated or brooding appearance. Bright chrome, polished steel, and polished aluminum are a few more of your choices.

How do you install a grille on an F-150?

Installation varies depending on the type that you have chosen. Overlay styles for a Ford simply bolt over the original part. A replacement grille may be designed to use the hardware that is already on the truck. In this case, you just swap out the factory part for the new one. Other types require a more complicated installation. You may need to cut out part of the existing Ford grille and drill new holes to mount the replacement.