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Ford Expedition Grilles

The Ford Expedition features different grilles for different model years; in any given model year, different grilles are available for different trims, such as Ford XL and Platinum. There are also often different grilles for two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive SUV Expeditions. Finally, a wide variety of aftermarket grilles are produced to fit Expeditions.

Are Ford Expedition grilles functional or strictly for appearance?

Many Ford Expedition shoppers make the automatic assumption that grilles are for purely cosmetic purposes, but a grilles function is to cool the engine and filter out debris that can clog up the engine bay. Obviously, grilles made from stronger materials will increase the longevity of an engine and its drive better than those constructed with weaker materials. But grilles are also ornamental in that they can have a dramatic impact on your Ford vehicles overall appearance. Dealers will often re-fit a new Expedition or other SUV with an aftermarket grille before they sell it to make the Ford vehicle’s appearance more desirable.

What is a billet grille for the Ford Expedition?

A Billet grille isn’t a brand or model. Billet refers to the method used to fabricate a grille. A billet usually means that the part was machined from a single block of high-grade aluminum or steel. The metal can be coated with other materials such as black powder or chrome for an even more distinctive Ford look. They are usually more durable than original equipment (OE) grilles, which are molded using heavy-duty plastic. Billet grilles can replace all or part of the original grille, or they can serve as an overlay. The most popular billet grilles are vertical-bar billet grilles, horizontal-bar billet grilles, and mesh and punch billet grilles.

Are there other types of Ford Expedition specialty grilles?

A light-emitting diode (LED) grille has a light bar that is integrated into the design and construction of the grille. Arguably the most eye-catching accessory you can add to a Ford truck, it radically changes the appearance of the front end—both during the day and at night. A bumper grille, on the other hand, is smaller and bolted to the sport utilitys front bumper. Available in LED, punch, mesh and bar-billet forms, it provides an accent to a full aftermarket grille and can even be used to cover an unsightly space in an OE grille.

What kind of Expedition grilles are available?

In all, there are hundreds of different Expedition grilles in existence for the different Ford vehicles that have emerged throughout the years. Before you start shopping, make sure you know the year and model of the vehicle you’re shopping for. It will save you from researching grilles that will not fit your particular Expedition.