Dodge Ram 3500 grilles are manufactured to meet the style, durability and capability factors that meet the requirements of all customers loyal to the Dodge Ram 3500 pickup. They enhance the vehicles bold exterior which is designed into a rugged and confident appearance to match the powerful towing capabilities and diesel fueled strength. They offer the vehicle incredible strength, as well as performance efficiency owing to its high-strength frame made of steel.

What are the various types of grilles?

Whether youre driving a crew, super, or mega cab, you need a solid grille. The majority of grilles on Dodge Ram 3500 are made out of heavy-duty plastic. Nonetheless, those that are cast out of metal are coated and covered with reinforces like chrome or black powder finish. Other models are cast out of steel.

Aftermarket grills are those made by manufacturers other than the original manufacturer that makes grilles specifically for the Dodge 3500. Both aftermarket and OEM parts are acceptable for your Dodge Ram 3500. The different types include:

  • Bar Billet: Characterized by protruding metal bars running parallel across it which is normally aligned horizontally. The bars extend from end to end creating a wide elongated, look.
  • Mesh: This type is made of thin metal bars that crisscross making a sequence of Xs or a checkered pattern. In terms of style, the mesh design offers a more guarded, sturdier and intense look.
  • Punch: This grille is made from a sheet of metal with various shapes pumped through it. The shapes punched out are mostly small circles, hexagons or other honey-comb shapes.
  • LED: These are brightly lit thus making the automobile look overly fierce while on the road. LED enhanced ones are mostly used as an eye-catching accessory. Nonetheless, the lighting adds to the efficiency of the vehicle by adding brightness to the road, especially for off-road driving.
  • Bumper Grills: as opposed to the mounting on the vehicles hood, these are smaller and integrated into the anterior area. These add-ons can come as enhancers, punch, and even LED ones, depending on user preference.
What are some other types of Dodge Ram 3500 grilles?

In addition to the ones listed above, there are several other types of Dodge 3500 grilles available to choose from.

  • CNC Machined Grill
  • Tubular Grill
  • Grill Skins
  • Winter Fronts and Bug Screens
  • Grill Guards
  • Off-Road Bumpers
What are the different types of grille finishes for the Ram 3500?

Just like the Ram itself, which is available in models like the SLT and Laramie, the Dodge Ram 3500 grilles come in various finishes, each selected according to preference. The varnish of a vehicles grill affects its resistance to corrosive material and lifespan. The different types of finishes include:

  • Chrome Finishes: This is the silver coating applied to metal like stainless steel or reinforced aluminum, providing an almost mirror-like surface after it has been shinned and polished. Some manufacturers also add chrome finishes to those made of heavy-duty plastics. They retain their polish and shine for a long period.
  • Painted Finishes: These are simply painted ones, with most painted the trucks color or any other pronounced color. The paint may be matte or glossy according to individual preference.
  • Powder Coated Finishes: Coating involves covering it with a layer of a fine spray of pulverized compounds. This gives the grill a matte and slightly grainy appearance. This type of finish is durable and intended for situations where there is a lot of scratching or bumping.