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Cadillac DTS Grilles

Grilles give your Cadillacs front end a defining look and improved aerodynamics, which also enhances gas mileage. If your grille becomes damaged, you will undoubtedly want to replace it as soon as possible. Here are five questions and answers to bear in mind when perusing Cadillac grilles.

What types of Cadillac DTS grilles cause less drag?

Grille design and construction is a science based on decades of study. Statistics indicate that mesh and billet are comparably effective at reducing drag, improving aerodynamics, and enhancing gas mileage. This means that youll obtain the same benefits from either type of grille. As a result, choosing between them is a matter of taste. Billet grilles are more vintage-inspired, presenting classic sensibilities. Mesh grilles are second-generation, so to speak, but they are still timeless. Just remember to select grilles according to your model year to ensure a proper fit.

What grille materials suit a luxury notchback sedan?

Grilles are aftermarket parts designed to specifically complement the silhouette, body type, and profile of a given automobile. Basic features and benefits of grilles include a high level of durability and all-weather resistance. Since aftermarket grilles come from a wide range of manufacturers, there are grilles made of several different materials, all prized for being lightweight yet heavy-duty. These materials include:

  • Stainless steel: These grilles might consist of chromium, carbon, aluminum, and copper as well as stainless steel.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum grilles often contain varying degrees of tin, zinc, copper, and magnesium.
  • Chrome: Chrome is an alloy of chromium, and these grilles give DTS models a sleek look.
  • Thermoplastic: This is injection-molded plastic used for mesh inserts or as core material inside of metal-coated grilles.
Can you install a grille with a custom emblem?

Yes, you can install grilles with custom emblems. Available billet and mesh grilles compatible with the DTS either have a pre-embedded emblem or a small, circular central mount onto which you can install an emblem of your choice. In fact, there is an entire market just for Cadillac emblems. These emblems can be all black, all silver, or mounted on a black, silver, or gold background. Some emblems boast the iconic combination of the colored crest floating in the center of a silver or a gold wreath.

Are upper and lower Cadillac DTS grilles sold in sets?

You may purchase upper and lower grilles together as a set. You also may purchase just the upper grille or just the lower grille. The Cadillac DTS lower grille, or bumper grille, is usually a mesh insert. An insert grille fits directly into your current bumper grille frame. You may also need to replace the frame, which you can purchase separately. Both lower and upper Cadillac DTS grilles fasten into place with bolts, clamps, or brackets. Front bumper grille molding is also available if you want to upgrade or refresh the bumper grille trim.

How do these grilles affect adaptive control?

According to Cadillac, you must purchase a grille that is compatible with Cadillac adaptive cruise control if your Cadillac model year contains this technology and you want to utilize it. There are aftermarket Cadillac DTS grilles that come with adaptive cruise control compatibility. These grilles contain a central hole where you mount a special Cadillac emblem that also supports this feature.