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BMW M5 Grilles

Keep the front end of your BMW M5 looking pristine with a set of durable, handsome grilles. Grilles prevent ingression of dust and debris and let air in, ensuring your engine and transmission dont overheat. Learn more about BMW M5 grilles and related parts to answer any questions you have about this vital automotive part.

Can you buy just one grille or kidney?

BMWs signature "kidney" grilles come in sets of two, and they are also available as singles. Check the product for identification regarding which side a particular grille it corresponds to, such as "left driver" or "right passenger."There are lower bumper grilles and side fender grilles as well. Additionally, some bumper grille products entail entire kits containing the attached bumper with fog light assemblies built in.

Why do some M5 grilles only fit some vehicles?

Different BMW grilles are compatible with different M5 model years. Some grilles fit multiple years, whereas others only fit assorted years later in production. In addition to model year, other identifying characteristics denoting compatibility include body type and configuration, such as "sport sedan," "base manual," or "base automatic."These "generations" of grilles reflect BMWs tendency to tweak the M5s exterior design ever so slightly with each new year of production. The resulting diversity also accounts for the plethora of available options from private labels, aftermarket brands, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Are OEM BMW M5 grilles higher quality?

OEM, private label, and aftermarket grilles are comparable in terms of quality. These categories dont indicate quality but origin. OEM and BMW grilles are direct replacements replete with BMW part numbers, whereas private label and aftermarket grilles are performance and custom grilles.Aftermarket is a general blanket term referring to any automotive part not sourced directly from the automobiles maker. Across the industry, all grilles consist of the same heavy duty, widely used materials.

What materials and finishes can you get?

Chrome is abundantly available, either as a core material or a finish. Automotive chrome is typically an alloy of chromium and nickel. This alloy is particularly resistant to corrosion, high heat, and all-weather conditions. Other popular grille materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and industrial grade thermoplastic (used as a core material to keep overall weight low).For finishes, choose between high-gloss, gloss, or matte, and between the colors silver or black. Regardless of material, finish, or color, all BMW M5 grilles reduce drag, improve aerodynamics, permit airflow into your engine. This optimizes efficiency and mileage, minimizing exertion and exhaust.

What is the sport grille?

The sport grille is any grille or set intended for a sport sedan like the BMW M5. Sport grilles usually have a double-rib pattern within a kidney-shaped frame. They also rock the iconic BMW sport tricolor on multiple sets of double ribs. Coincidentally, you may purchase sport tricolor vinyl decals separately for application to your grilles.Some of the decals are strips designed for application to the flat sides of several ribs. Other decals have a tight sleeve shape that slips over the rib, covering it entirely.