Grilles for BMW 650i

The grilles are an essential part of your BMW 650i vehicle for two reasons. Grilles for BMW 650i protect your engine and radiator from particles while allowing air to enter. They also enhance the look of your coupe or convertible car and can be customized to the desired style of any driver.

How do you choose the right grilles for BMW 650i?

Traditionally, BMW has designed their grilles in a unique pattern that you will hardly fail to recognize from afar. However, no two grilles are the same. They come in different shapes, materials, finishes and fitting styles. You should choose a grille that is labeled as compatible with your specific model year of BMW 650i.

When should you replace the BMW 650i grilles?

Since grilles allow air through to the engine and radiator, they are an important part of the cooling system for your BMW 6 Series coupe or Gran Coupe. If part or all of your grilles are clogged and impenetrable by air, then it’s time to find a replacement. Also, old rusty grilles are not very appealing to the eye.

Which are the types of BMW 650i Grilles?

Grilles vary in material and design. Common materials used in the fabrication of grilles are aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. They differ in terms of longevity and performance.

  • Aluminum grilles: Aluminum is used because it is lightweight and resistance to corrosion.
  • Plastic grilles: These are made out of ABS, which is easy to mold, lightweight, and rustproof. Most manufacturers prefer them for these reasons.
  • Stainless Steel: Steel grilles are very strong and generally long lasting.

The color is another important factor to consider when buying grilles. Most grilles are shiny and silver, including plastic ones. Others are painted black. If you are only replacing one of the grilles, then it is expected that you choose the same color as that of the existing one. However, you may choose to alter the look of your BMW by changing the color.

How do you replace BMW grilles?

Depending on the severity of damage, you might have to replace the whole pair or just one of the grilles of the BMW.

  1. Lift the hood of your BMW and locate the Torx screws.
  2. Remove the T30 screws on the top side of the bumper.
  3. Pull the front side of the bumper forward to give you enough room to unclip the grilles. Pull out the old grille carefully once all the tabs have been detached.
  4. You should then insert the new grille into position. You should hear a clicking sound to indicate that the tabs are slotting into the bumper. Youre now ready to get behind the wheel of your BMW 6 Series vehicle and show off your new grille.