Grilles for BMW 330i

The grille on a car allows air to enter while at the same time protecting the radiator and engine from large debris. On cars like your BMW 330i, they are an eye-catching and stylish part in addition to being a functional one. With this selection of grilles for BMW 330i, you can find many replacement and upgrade options.

What are some features of a grille?

The grille helps protect the inner workings of your BMW 3 series sedan. It permits air in to help cool the radiator and engine, but prevents them from being damaged by debris or otherwise tampered with.

Your BMWs engine is found at the front end of the car, so thats where the grille is located. Grilles can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the vehicle. Some feature vertical bars, some have a honeycomb pattern. They can also be made of metal or plastic.

How do you choose the right grille?

Most major automobile manufacturers have grilles with a signature look. BMW is no exception. There are two small grills on the BMW 330i. These are called kidney or split kidney grilles. Theyre easy to distinguish from the oversized vertical radiator grilles found on other luxury cars, and from the honeycombs found on economy models. Typically, car parts are labeled driver side and passenger side. The following are some factors to consider when choosing a grille for your BMW 330i.

  • The right fit: Make sure the grilles youre looking at match the exact BMW 330i you own. There can be differences between model years and coupe or sedan models.
  • The right style: Grilles for your car generally come in chrome and black. Unless youre looking for a change, make sure the replacement you order matches the original part.
  • The right number: Your BMW 3 series has two grilles, one on either side of your vehicles front end. If you only need one, make sure youre ordering for the correct side.
Are there accessories for a BMW grille?

Grilles accessories can change the aesthetic of your BMW. Some common grille accessories include:

  • Grille guards: Typically used in rural areas, these protect vehicles from large debris, including brush and animals.
  • Inserts: Change the look of your sedans grille by choosing tight mesh instead of vertical bars. The mesh still allows ample air flow while protecting it from smaller debris like bugs or sand.