BMW 325i Grilles

BMW 325i grilles make up two parts of the grille system, left and right, and they are at the front of the car. They act as a barrier to large pieces of debris while still allowing for air to flow through to the radiator and the fan. Below, you will find helpful information to assist with your purchase.

Can the grilles be purchased only as a set?

You can purchase the grilles either as a complete set of two, for both the passengers side and the drivers side, or you can buy them individually if only one side needs replacing. Both the original manufacturer and aftermarket styles will operate in the same way and attach to the BMW similarly.

Are grilles a necessary component?

Grilles play multiple roles in the safety and overall performance of the BMW 3 Series. Foremost, they allow air to freely flow through the front end of the BMW and pass through the radiator and cooling fan and into the engines air intake system. They also offer protection by acting as a barrier against large particles, sticks, rocks, and any other possibly harmful objects. You do not want anything damaging the key components of the BMW 325i sedan such as the cooling implements. Finally, they also tie the car together and cover the front end aesthetically, rather than leaving internal components of the BMW 3 Series exposed.

How do you install new grilles?

The first step in any repair or modification to your vehicle is to ensure that the environment is safe. Make sure that the vehicle is turned off and that the parts you may come in contact with are relatively cool, and be sure that the 325i is either parked on a flat surface or sloped away from where you will be working. Next, remove the existing grilles by either opening the hood or reaching underneath the front end of the car. Find the clamps or brackets keeping the grilles in place, and disengage them. Push the grilles out of the front end of the 325i, and then orient the new right- and left-side grilles accordingly. Evenly push them into the same spots and clamp them into place where the previous set fit. Feel the grilles to be certain that they are securely in place and wont dislodge while the car is in motion.

How do you ensure that the grilles will fit?

Before purchasing any grilles, whether as a set or individually, check the specifications to ensure that your model vehicle is compatible with the part being ordered. Both official BMW parts and aftermarket grilles come in a variety of styles. If replacing only one side of the grilles, find out if you are ordering the correct variation, or else they may not properly match.