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Audi S5 Grilles

Although the grille on the front of an Audi S5 is one of the more recognizable components of the car, it also plays an important role. The grille is responsible for protecting engine and transmission components against potential damage caused by weather or road debris. Because grilles for Audi S5 can make a statement, you will find a variety of different styles and materials when it is time to replace the original grille.

What style of grilles are available for Audi models?

There are three styles of grilles you can use for your Audi coupe.

  • Bar grilles: Also called billet grilles, these grilles have either vertical or horizontal bars positioned parallel with each other. If you like this style for your Audi S5, you have a variety of options in the size of the bars and the space between the bars.
  • Mesh grilles: These grilles are made from thin strands of metal that are then woven together. They have an appearance that is similar to a mesh or chain link fence. Some mesh grilles can be finely woven while others have more of a loose weave.
  • Punch grilles: These grilles are formed from a solid sheet of metal that has a patterned punched into it. The shapes often include circles, lines, ovals, or stars.
What materials are grilles made of?

In general, grilles compatible with the Audi S5 are made from three main materials.

  • ABS plastic: This cost-effective material is lightweight and can be used to make bar grilles.
  • Aluminum: Due to the materials malleability, aluminum is often used for mesh grilles, punch grilles, and custom grilles. It is lightweight and will not add any unnecessary weight to your Audi S5.
  • Stainless steel: Resistant to stains and corrosion, this material provides excellent protection for years if not decades.
Where are grilles located on an Audi S5?

There are four places where grilles are located on front-engine cars.

  • Front: These grilles are located on the front of the Audi S5. They allow airflow into the engine compartment, which helps to improve performance of the vehicle.
  • Fender: Some vehicles have grilles in the fender near the wheel well. This allows air to flow into the brakes.
  • Bumper: Some bumpers have spaces in them that allow for additional airflow into the essential components of your Audi.
  • Hood scoop: For cars that have hood scoops, hood scoop grilles prevent road debris from getting underneath the hood.