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Audi A5 Grilles

Audi A5 grilles are protective pieces on the front end of the car. These components allow for air to flow through to the radiator and fan while also protecting those components. If you need replacement grilles for your Audi, here is some information to consider before making a purchase.

What is the purpose of Audi A5 grilles?

Grilles are not only an aesthetic feature for the Audi, though they do offer a finished aesthetic. A grille acts as a spot for cool, outside air to reach the radiator and fan, allowing the engine to be more efficiently cooled. The cross-features in the grille prevent larger pieces of potentially harmful debris from reaching these components and causing damage to the cooling system. The likelihood that a stick, rock, or other object could puncture the radiator, or otherwise compromise the integrity of the cooling process, is very real when operating the Audi coupe, and the potential damage increases the faster the A5 is moving. Grilles alleviate this risk.

How do you install new Audi A5 grilles?

To install new grilles, you must first park the vehicle on a flat surface with the parking brake engaged, or at least have the back of the vehicle sloping downward if a solid, flat surface is unavailable. Pop open the hood of the Audi or reach underneath the front and disengage the clamps or brackets holding the grille in place. Push the grille from the interior of the front end of the coupe, then position the new grille in the same configuration. Pull it into place and ensure that the piece is well fitted to prevent movement or the possibility of the grille falling out while the driver is operating the Quattro automatic transmission vehicle.

Are Audi grilles designed to hold accessories?

There are both official and aftermarket accessories that are designed to fit at the front of the Audi A5 grille. Logos and insignias can be attached, assuming they fit the specific style of grille being used. Different brands and models of grilles have different designs and should be checked to see if the accessory has the capability to securely fasten to the specific style of slats or cross sections.

How do you know which grille will fit the car?

Both OEM and aftermarket grilles are designed to fit the Audi A5. Before purchasing any piece, read the specifications to be certain that the type of grille being purchased is meant for the Audi model A5. There are a wide variety of grilles with different styles of cross sections and slats; this does not affect the process of installation, as these are simply aesthetic differences. The clamping implements on the grille remain the same on all Audi A5 specific grilles.