Tips for Purchasing a Gooseneck Heavy Equipment Trailer

Gooseneck heavy equipment trailers are professional-grade pieces of hardware designed to haul large, heavy loads across long stretches of road. These efficient trailers have been approved for use with all U.S. roads and highways. Load size and weight capacity are constructed in ways that will not impede driver safety on all certified roadways within the United States.

What are the different gooseneck trailer models?

There are two models of gooseneck trailers available: axle and dual. The two styles are identical in terms of composition and utility but vary slightly when it comes to connectivity and road traversal. Both variants take after their namesake in terms of their design, and you can find both variants for reasonable prices on eBay.

  • Axle models: Axle uses a single wheel on each end. These variants can also be used on more versatile, and even off-road, pathways. They do, however, have a reduced weight capacity.
  • Dual models: Dual models feature two wheels. These options are more restricted in terms of traversal options but have much higher weight capacities in comparison.
What are gooseneck trailers made of?

The new and pre-owned gooseneck trailers on eBay utilize professional-grade metals and resistant plastic molds throughout their composition. The durability of these materials will be listed in the specifications of the given trailer. Build composition varies slightly between standard and tandem models. Tandem variants favor more flexible materials, whereas standard options will err towards durability. Each is aimed towards slightly different demographics regarding the roads intended to be traveled.

The beds of the hardware will be made of wood or similar materials in most cases. Some secondhand custom variants will have opted to replace the wooden lining for a metallic one. The usefulness of the variation will be contingent upon personal preference. These materials are surface level and do not impact weight capacity in any way. The durability of secondhand materials cannot be quantified, as they arent intended for use by the manufacturer.

How much can gooseneck trailers haul?

The maximum weight capacity for gooseneck trailers is 25,000 pounds. Each of these options will hover around that number with variations being contingent on the style of trailer, age, and whether or not the trailer is refurbished.

Weight capacity is not directly affected by how long a trailer has been used. Assuming proper upkeep and a lack of significant damage, weight capacities should remain stagnant for the foreseeable future; most trailers guarantee weight capacities to remain the same as listed for around a decade.