Glove Boxes for Audi A4

With the Audi A4, you have a sleek, all-purpose compact sedan. Glove boxes help preserve the appearance of your cars interior while holding valuable documents and items. If this part breaks or wears out, you can easily find replacements to fix it.

How does the glove box for Audi A4 work?

The glove box in your Audi holds a lot more than gloves. These convenient containers sit above the passenger sides seat by the engine. They can hold registration, insurance cards, Audi manuals, and more. Here are the main parts that make up your Audis glove box.

  • Lid or door: Depending on your year and trim, doors will vary in size and shape. If the lid gets damaged, you can replace this part separately from the rest. You will often see the words "lid" and "door" used interchangeably as they refer to same part.
  • Compartment: Because the compartment needs to fit very precisely, this part must match your exact Audi model. If the interior box gets damaged, you can replace it separately from the rest of the box.
  • Lock and release: Many Audi A4 glove boxes have locks in the release mechanism. If this part wears out or you lose the key, you can replace the latch mechanism separately. If a door breaks but not the lock, you can remove this mechanism and transfer it to a new door.
  • Hinges and fastenings: If one of the screws or hinges comes loose, you can repair your box with new parts. Because more than one fastening tends to break at a time, you may also want a hinge repair kit. Fastening repair kits give you all the hinges and other pieces you need in one place.
What Audi A4 glove box parts do you need?

If you need to fix or replace your Audi A4 glove box, use the following information to find the correct replacements.

  • Year: The A4 model includes a range of Audi vehicles starting with the Audi A4 B5 in 1994. Other generations such as the 2000-2006 Audi A4 B6 have very different interior options.
  • Body Type: Each year, Audi offers the A4 with different build options. Body styles such as four-door versus two-door can affect the interior. The glove box rests above the passenger seat, and these parts depend on the precise shape of this area. Differences in the engine, transmission, and audio system can also affect this part.
  • Part Needed: Always take the time to note carefully where the damage is. Sometimes, one damaged part may point to less obvious damage deeper inside the box. For total repair, glove box kits give you everything you need to install a new box including the lid.
  • Color: The Audi A4 offers a range of interior colors in each model. If you need to a replace a glove box lid, an exact color match will preserve your interiors appearance. Base colors include industry standards such as black, brown, beige, and gray. Trim upgrade packages sometimes add additional colors such as green and red.