Genuine OEM Exterior Mirrors for Ford F-150 for Enhanced Road Safety

If you want to be able to see whats going on behind you as you cruise down the freeway, these mirrors for your pickup available in this eBay category might be the solution youre looking for. Review these frequently asked customer questions to determine which new or pre-owned vehicle mirrors are right for you.

What are the benefits of these mirrors?

These mirrors are OEM, which stands for "original equipment manufacturer." As such, they are guaranteed to be made by Fords original parts manufacturer, which means that they have certain benefits. Unlike mirrors that were made by a third party, these mirrors are specifically tailored to install onto your Ford F-150 seamlessly, and if you are only replacing one mirror, it is sure to match the existing mirror on the other side of your truck.

What are the different types of Ford F-150 mirrors?

There is a specific model of side mirror for every make of Ford F-150. The aesthetics and functionality of these side view mirrors have changed significantly over the years, and a mirror that works with a 1990 Ford truck would look entirely out of place on a 2018 model. Despite these prevalent style differences, the side view mirrors in this category can be split into two distinct categories:

  • Folding mirrors - If you dont have a lot of clearance to work with in your garage or if you park on a city street at night, folding mirrors might be right for you. These exterior mirrors fold against the side of your truck when they are not in use.
  • Non-folding mirrors - Non-folding mirrors, on the other hand, always stick out from the side of your car. However, some of these mirrors can telescope outward, which makes it easier to see behind you when youre towing a cargo trailer or an RV.
How do you pick the right mirrors?

The most important factor to consider as you sift through the options among these listings is the year that your car was made. Each of these varieties of auto parts is only designed to be compatible with a particular car model, and the wrong mirrors might not fit your vehicle. From there, make a choice between folding and non-folding mirrors.

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