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General Slip-In Photo Albums

Owners Guide to General Slip-In Photo Storage Photo Albums

Many different manufacturers make slip-in photo albums to store and to protect your photos of family and friends. These picture albums are offered in a variety of different styles. Find an album that will suit your needs by making a selection from among the offerings contained within this collection.

What is a slip-in photo storage album?

A slip-in photograph album has multiple pages. Most albums contain between 50 and 100 pages. These pages consist of a clear material and fabric or paper backing. The backing is usually either black or white, and the clear material is segmented into different sections.These sections are closed off on three sides, but one side is left open. Photographs can be slipped into this open end. These albums are designed to admit specific sizes of photos, and most albums are designed for pictures that measure 4 inches by 6 inches. These albums can be used to display favorite pictures on your kitchen countertop, or they can be used to keep your treasured memories safe in a box in your attic.

Are these albums offered in multiple colors?

Yes, these albums are offered in a variety of different colors. Different colors can be selected to remind you of the contents of each album or match your interior decor. Here are some of the colors that are offered within this collection:

  • Black
  • White
  • Sky blue
  • Beige
  • Pastel pink
  • Magenta
  • Olive green

What types of slip-in albums are offered?

These photo books are offered in a variety of different styles. Each style has unique attributes, and certain styles are specifically designed for adventure, wedding, or family photos. When youre looking for a photo album that will suit your needs, select from among these styles:

  • Plain cover: These slip-in photo albums feature covers that are unadorned. These books may feature stitching or unobtrusive designs along the edge, but there are no decorations in the central areas.
  • Picture cover: These photo books feature a slot where you can insert a single picture. This picture can be used to reference the contents of the album.
  • Leather cover: These photograph books have covers that are made from leather. These albums are offered in black leather, brown leather, and red leather.
  • Fabric cover: Some photograph albums have fabric covers. These covers are offered in many different colors, and these albums often feature geometrical designs or text across their covers.
  • Standing: These types of picture albums are designed to stand up vertically. They contain multiple pages connected by rings, and these pages usually have space to store two or three photos each. When collapsed, a standing album lays flat on a table or another surface. The backing can, however, be extended so that the album will stand up. Pages can then be flipped over the axis to display more photos.