Chrysler 300 Car and Truck Gear Shifters

Finding the right gear shifter for your Chrysler 300 can make a gearbox replacement simpler. With the many options available, you will be able to find one that meets your needs. Here are some of the more common questions that may come up when purchasing a shifter.

How are gears used in a Chrysler 300?

Gear shifters allow your vehicle’s engine to run more efficiently. They allow the Chrysler 300 to reduce power in order to have greater force for driving up inclines. Chrysler 300s with automatic transmissions will change gears on its own, while a manual will give you more control.

What is an aftermarket branded shifter?

In addition to being able to add a customized look to your Chrysler, aftermarket branded gearboxes have many other features that can appeal to your needs.

  • Cable operated. Many aftermarket gearboxes have flexible cables that allow you to install it almost anywhere. Care should be taken to avoid heat sources that could melt the plastic casing, but can be a good option for those that want to customize their Chrysler.
  • Mechanical lockout. High end aftermarket gearboxes have this feature built in. This mechanical lock prevents your Chrysler Sedan from going into reverse accidentally, as it can cause damage to your transmission and engine if you go into reverse at high speeds. If you plan on using your Chrysler for racing, many organizations require this type of gearbox to be installed.
  • Screw-on handle. Many aftermarket models give you the option of switching out the handle to add some additional customization to your car. If you also update your vehicle with a booster or other enhancements, controls for them can be installed on the handle.
  • Performance. The manufacturer can use high-quality materials that were previously not available at the time of the Chrysler’s manufacturing.
What is an OEM shifter for the Chrysler 300?

An OEM gearbox comes directly from Chrysler or from one of their part manufacturers. OEM parts that are sold used will come from a salvaged Chrysler. Check the model year of your Chrysler to see if a new OEM gearbox is available.

How many speeds are in stick shift?

Manual vehicles have up to six speeds in a stick shift. To shift between them you will have to press down the clutch. The Chrysler 300 comes in four-speed automatic, and four and five-speed manual. Other Chrysler generations have automatic transmissions at eight-speed.