Garrett Metal Detectors


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Garrett Metal Detectors

Whether you need a metal detector for security purposes or treasure hunting, you will find a Garrett detector ready-made for the task. Garrett also has a proprietary line of accessories that can help make your metal-detecting ventures more fruitful.

How do metal detectors operate?

Metal detectors harness the power of electromagnetism to find buried metals. While various types of metal detectors exist, most metal detectors have certain components in common, such as:

  • Field coils
  • Pick-up coils
  • Oscillators
  • Voltage sensors
  • Protective housings
  • Audio tone generators
  • Digital readouts and controls

What are some features of metal detectors?

While the average manual modern metal detector includes sophisticated circuitry, most still work on the same principles that earlier models operated under. The field coil creates an electromagnetic field that interacts with the pick-up coil and produces a slight electromotive force. When the search heads pass over a metal object, the object causes disturbances within the field that translate into audio or video signals for the operator.

What types of detecting equipment does Garrett make?

Many Garrett models incorporate features such as:

  • Multiple search modes
  • Depth indicators
  • Battery-life indicators
  • Adjustable arm supports
  • LCD displays
  • Target I.D. capabilities
  • Large side-scan detection fields
  • Pinpoint-search capabilities

Can Garrett metal detectors find deeply buried objects?

Garrett makes a wide range of detecting equipment. Whether you need a Tesoro traditional field metal detector, an underwater metal detector, a pinpoint metal detector, or a handheld metal detector, Garrett has a model that is suited to that job.

Units with larger heads can often find objects buried more than a few inches underground. Garrett makes a variety of head sizes that detect to varying depths.

How long is the battery life of Garrett metal detectors?

Battery life will vary by usage and by the type of device in use. That said, these detectors are designed to provide you with many hours of uninterrupted time. Additionally, you can bring along extra batteries if you plan on spending extended time in the field.

Can these metal detectors tell the difference between metals?

Yes. Garrett metal detectors include sensitive digital electronics that, under proper conditions, can tell the difference between various kinds of metals.

What kinds of metal detector accessories are available?

Metal detectors are useful in a variety of settings and situations, and there are many accessories to choose from that can help you to successfully negotiate each situation. Included in this list are:

  • Pinpointing Heads
  • Carry-bags
  • High-frequency search coils
  • Headphones
  • DD search heads
  • Digging tools