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Garden Planters

Garden Planters for Your Deck or Patio

When it's time to get the outdoors ready for nicer weather, you might choose plants to spruce up your space. Planters come in a wide range of materials, and many of them are decorations in themselves. Look for planters that will perfectly coordinate with the rest of your landscape.

What materials are planters made from?

Some of the most common materials that are used to make planter are plastic, which is often used for hanging planters, and terra cotta, which is great for many plants' roots and resin. But they can also be made of metal and several other materials. Many times, the thin plastic planters are placed inside of decorative planters to keep the decorative one clean on the inside. Grow bags, which are made of fabric, are often used for growing tomatoes and potatoes.

How do you choose which planter to buy?

When you're choosing which planters to purchase, there are a few factors that you absolutely must factor into your purchasing decisions. For instance, you'll need to determine how big of a planter you'll need, which will be dependent on the size of your plant. Some plants grow best when they're root bound, and some plants like some room in their pots to grow, so you need to know what your plant needs. You also need to know where you plan on putting your planter. For instance, if you have one side of the house that gets good morning sunlight and your plant needs a lot of sunlight, you might choose to put your plants in a window planter if there isn't a patio to put a pot. When you're choosing planters, you'll also take personal taste and your current décor into account.

When should you buy a clay pot?

Clay, otherwise known as terra cotta, pots are a popular option for several reasons. For instance, they're heavier than plastic, so they're a great option if you have a certain spot around the house that receives a lot of wind. The thickness of the walls is also great at insulating, so if you live in an area where it's very hot during the day but colder at night, this could help your plants survive the temperature changes. And if you're concerned about reducing the number of materials that go into our landfills, you should buy clay pots because they biodegrade in soil over time.