GROVE Heavy Cranes

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A Short Introduction to Grove Cranes

Established in 1947, the Grove Manufacturing Company of Shady Grove, Pennsylvania began by building small-scale, yard-type cranes for its own use. It expanded its operation to commercially produce cranes and reinvented their design. The Manitowoc Crane company purchased Grove Manufacturing, but kept its name, producing the Grove equipment line.

What types of cranes does the Grove line of Manitowoc manufacture?

Grove manufactures vehicles designed for all-terrain use. It produces the following vehicle types:

  • All-terrain
  • Carrydeck
  • Lift solutions
  • Rough terrain
  • Truck mounted
  • Telescoping crawlers

Use these expensive cranes to raise heavy equipment and materials to roof height or to another raised level, such as a higher floor in a multi-level construction project. A tower or derrick combined with a pulley system lets you safely lift and lower items. The device may be fixed to the ground or mounted to a custom-built vehicle, as in the firm's truck-mounted types. Some devices have radio controls. Other models feature a cab where a driver/operator sits and manually controls the operation.

How do the types of devices differ in use?

Mobile cranes feature an easily assembled design meant for relocation. They include a telescopic boom with a wire-suspended hook. It?s the most common type used in the construction industry. This is used for building maintenance and constructing pipelines and highway towers. All-terrain devices use a single engine, mobile design that can travel at the recommended speed on public roads and on uneven job site terrains. They combine rough terrain design with a truck-mounted design. Common uses include pick and carry operations and jobs requiring off-road travel.

Tower models combine a base, slewing unit, and tower. This type balances weight and counterweight to safely lift heavy loads. A telescoping crane features a boom with numerous tubes fitted within one another. A hydraulic system retracts and extends the tubes, shortening or lengthening the boom.

What machines are available from this company?

In 1968, the firm introduced the slewing, rough-terrain crane. It followed this invention with its trapezoidal boom crane. The firm has earned its ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate for being a multi-facility crane manufacturer. These and other crane types can be bought and sold on eBay.

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