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GE Washing Machine

For many households, washing the laundry is a daily chore. However, the right machine can make a huge difference when it comes to completing this task quickly and efficiently. Washing machines from General Electric Co., come with a variety of options, and they make the variety to ensure they have washers for just about anyone.

What types of washing machines are there?

There are two main types of GE washers on the market: front loading and top loading. Each type of washing machine has different benefits. The one you choose depends on your family's needs.

  • Front loading: These washing machines require clothing to be loaded into the front. They clean clothing well and can be stacked underneath a dryer to save space. Many front-loading washers use less energy and water than typical top-loading washers.
  • Top loading: Top-load washers are loaded with laundry from the top, meaning you do not need to bend down to put your clothing in. Another advantage of top-loading washing machines is that you can open them anytime during the cycle to add in laundry items that you forgot to add in at the start of the wash.
What size washers are available?

GE washing machines come in several sizes designed for different washing volume needs, ranging from compact washers to full-size washers:

  • Light usage: For those who are washing for only one or two people, a compact model may be just what you need. These compact appliances can handle about 4 to 8 pounds of laundry per wash.
  • Medium-to-heavy use: If you're doing washing for three or more people, or you frequently wash extra items such as pet bedding, you may find that you're spending more time washing than you should be if your machine is too small. Larger GE models can handle generous loads, meaning you can wash more clothes in less time.
What should you look for in a washing machine?

Each model of GE washer has features that can make the task of doing laundry easier. Following are some of the things to look for:

  • Wash cycles and settings: Certain washers from General Electric have different wash settings available, such as gentle and permanent press, which can help extend the life of your clothes and fabrics.
  • Agitators: Some washer models may have an agitator, or central bar, located in the washer drum. This feature twists and turns while the machine washes the clothes.
  • Color: Although the color of your washer model from GE does not affect its ability to clean your clothes effectively, it can make incorporating the appliance into your home's interior color scheme easier. That may be an important feature for you if you don't have a separate laundry room.
  • Stackable: If you are limited on space, a stackable washer from GE may be a priority for you.
  • Energy-efficiency: Some General Electric machines are designed to clean your fabrics using less water and electricity, making them better for the environment. When it comes to GE appliances, almost all washers and dryers are ENERGY-STAR qualified.
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