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GE Dome Home Security Cameras

Everything You Need to Know About GE Dome Home Security Cameras

Security systems made for in-house use have a wide variety of features and functions to help protect your family and property. One of the most utilized pieces of equipment in these systems is the security camera. GE dome home security cameras come with an assortment of features to suit a range of environments and situations, so consider the following before making your camera selection.

What is the size of the GE dome camera?

This GE camera is encapsulated in a discrete design that allows it to be placed in tight spaces. It is compact and measures only 4.18 inches by 3.36 inches with a weight of about half a pound.

What are some of the features of the security camera?

Some of the specifications of these GE dome security cameras include the following:

  • Image sensor: The ⅓-inch Sony interline CCD image sensor paired with the 2.6mm - 6mm varifocal auto-iris delivers high-quality images.
  • Image resolution: Images are at resolutions of up to 540TVL.
  • Illumination: With an illumination measure at 0.2 Lux, these cameras are suitable for low-light surveillance.
  • Form factor: The small form factor allows these cameras to be placed in secluded and narrow areas.
  • Power: These cameras are energy efficient, using about 3W of electricity.
Can the security camera be placed inside or outside?

The GE camera is suitable for a wide range of environments, both indoor and outdoor. Due to the rugged exterior, it is able to operate in temperatures of 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, making it capable of handling outside elements. When not in operation, the camera can withstand temperatures of -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a heavy-duty polycarbonate dome that is IP66 rated and can be utilized for many types of situations, from your homes front or back porch to the lobby of your small business. The camera is discreet and small enough to be placed in an open area, such as at the entrance of a building, without being too conspicuous. The 3-axis gimbal allows for multiple viewing angles.

What wiring is needed to install this camera?

Because of the cameras compact form, installation requires minimal wires. It includes a 12VDC/24VAC power adapter with a UTP/BNC connector. These cords should be connected to the appropriate power relay or junction board for your already existing system. You can refer to the user manual for complete installation instructions.

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