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Fujifilm FinePix S Digital Cameras

Capture Priceless Memories with a Fujifilm FinePix S Digital Camera

Fujifilm FinePix S digital cameras are long zoom cameras which include features such as an image-stabilized lens, HD movie capability, a rechargeable battery, and a weather-resistant housing. The S Series includes several different models that offer the performance of a DSLR camera, while removing the need to change lenses. Many models feature wireless transfer of images and remote control with a smartphone.

Which camera models are available in this series?

There are multiple FinePix digital camera models, ranging from entry-level to advanced. These models include:

  • S1: This is an entry-level camera for those new to digital photography. It has a 50X zoom lens for long-range shots, and is weather-resistant for shooting in many conditions
  • S8600: This camera is a portable model that has a 36X zoom lens that is suitable for both landscape and action shots.
  • S9200: This is an advanced camera which is able to capture still images in addition to HD video. The camera also has 10 photo and 6 video effects.
What type of battery does a digital camera use?

Some digital cameras use AA batteries. These batteries are typically disposable and must be replaced after a period of time. You can expect approximately 300 shots from two AA batteries. Other models use an Li-ion internal unit which can be recharged. Rechargeable batteries average 350 frames per charge.

How do I transfer digital camera images to my computer?

Most cameras include software that installs on your computer. Images may then be transferred by this simple procedure, in many cases:

  1. Connect the camera to your computer with a micro-USB cable.
  2. Open your cameras software program.
  3. Select the images that you wish to transfer from your cameras image library.
  4. Select "Export" to begin the image transfer.
  5. Choose whether or not to remove exported images from the cameras internal memory.
Do I need multiple lenses for these cameras?

The FinePix S Series does not need removable lenses. Each camera has a zoom capability ranging from 36X to 50X. The zoom is activated by pressing a button on the rear of the camera. A 50X zoom lens will offer the most flexibility and ability to capture images from far away.

How do I clean the lens on my camera?

Care should be taken when cleaning a camera lens. Many cameras will include a cleaning cloth. You should not use paper products such as towels or tissues to clean the lens. The proper cleaning procedure is often as follows:

  1. Remove the cap covering the glass.
  2. Gently wipe the glass with the cleaning cloth to remove debris and dust. Do not wet the cleaning cloth.
  3. Replace the cap when the camera is not in use.
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