Hyundai Sonata Fuel Pumps

The Hyundai Sonata’s fuel pumps are crucial to a smooth-running engine. When one of the pumps fails, it can mean serious problems, including poor fuel efficiency and breakdowns on the road. You can find pumps that fit your Sonata and learn more about them here.

How does the fuel pump work?

The Hyundai Sonata’s fuel system today uses two pumps to deliver gas from the gas tank to the engine’s injectors. A low-pressure electric pump is mounted in the gas tank, which draws gas up out of the tank and sends it down a fuel line towards the engine. It also incorporates the sensor that measures how full the tank is.

Another high-pressure fuel pump is located on top of the engine. This pump feeds the liquid directly to the fuel injectors by drawing it out of the line with the assistance of the pump in the gas tank, pressurizing it behind the injectors.

What types of pumps are there?

There are three types of pumps that are found in cars and trucks. Make sure that whatever pump you choose works efficiently with your vehicle’s system before it is installed.

  • Fuel tank: Fuel tanks often have pumps mounted directly inside them that draw fuel up into a line that feeds the engine.
  • Inline or high-pressure: Another type of electric fuel pump is mounted inline. In newer cars, these pumps are mounted on the motor and deliver fuel to the injectors at high speed. They often work in tandem with a fuel tank pump.
  • Mechanical: Mechanical pumps work with carburetors. The pump is operated with the motor’s mechanical energy to inject gasoline from the fuel line into the carburetor.
What can cause a fuel pump to fail?
  • Electrical faults: Because modern fuel pumps are electric, any electrical fault that prevents them from receiving power will cause them to fail. This includes such possibilities as blown fuses, broken wires, corrosion, and loose connections. All of these are easily fixable with replacement parts.
  • Dirt: Foreign material that gets into the fuel will be drawn up into the fuel pump and clog it. Clogging can gradually reduce the pump’s ability to function, eventually affecting the motor’s ability to run.
What are some signs that a fuel pump needs replacement?
  • Motor misfires: A clogged or weakened pump may fail to deliver the volume of gasoline that the motor needs, especially on the highway. When this happens, you may notice misfiring, shuddering, or jerking at high speeds because your vehicle is not getting fuel when it needs it.
  • Reduced fuel economy: When misfires occur, or a pump develops a leak, the wasted gas will negatively impact the Sonata’s fuel economy.