Fuel Pumps for the Ford Expedition

As an essential component in your Ford Expeditions performance, the fuel pump maximizes fuel economy and ensures your engines safety. You can find a variety of replacement Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket pumps for your Expedition. These specialized parts can be made of various materials and serve a variety of performance purposes.

What is a fuel pump and what types exist?

A vehicles fuel pump is a fundamental part of multiple systems. It is used in both carburetor and fuel-injection vehicles; although, they work differently in each type. No matter which type of system it works for, the fuel pump is designed to safely pump fuel from your tank to the engine where it powers your vehicle. Since there are two different types of injection systems, there are two main types of fuel pumps. These types are characterized as follows:

  • Mechanical: This type of part exists in carburetor systems, which are typically found in older-model cars. It is powered by distributor shafts or camshafts, and it makes use of a float chamber. This chamber means that there is no specified pressure at injection. Without specified pressure, mechanical pumps consume more fuel, which means lower vehicle fuel economy and MPGs.
  • Electric: This type of part exists in fuel-injection systems, which are typically found in most contemporary cars. It is powered by your Ford Expeditions engine and electronics system, which allows it to use a specified pressure for injection. This design means that your vehicle uses less fuel, resulting in better fuel economy and MPGs.
What kinds of pumps are there for Ford Expedition?

There are various OEM and aftermarket Ford pump products for your Expedition. Regardless of type, each part should be designed to fit your specific vehicle make, model, and year. Fuel pumps can be found as individual components or complete sets and kits. You can find these parts made of many different materials such as iron, sheet steel, aluminum, iron, synthetic rubber, or even gold. The parts are classified by their specifications in regards to pressure, voltage, and horsepower.

How do you know if you need a replacement pump?

Unlike many other parts in your Ford Expedition that should be maintained on a replacement schedule, your fuel pump does not need to be replaced within a certain amount of time or mileage. Because there is no specified time for replacement, it is essential to know and understand the following symptoms that can indicate fuel pump-issues. These signs include the following:

  • The sudden appearance of your check-engine light
  • Difficulties when starting your engine
  • Leaks or noises coming from your Fords tank
  • Any loss of engine-power while you drive the vehicle