Mercedes-Benz 380SL Fuel Injectors

The Mercedes-Benz 380SL Roadster was a model produced from 1980 to 1985. The Mercedes name has achieved a well-deserved reputation as a high-performance, durable vehicle over the decades. Part of keeping your SL in optimal running order is performing regular maintenance on items such as the cars fuel injectors.

Why are the Mercedes-Benz 380SL fuel injectors so important?

Fuel injectors create the combustion that fires the car. There are eight fuel injectors on the Mercedes-Benz V8, giving the vehicle 218 horsepower. The injectors job is to mix a precisely measured combination of fuel and oxygen and to create a fine mist that sprays into the combustion chamber. This is a highly flammable combination.

The 380SLs valves are electronically controlled and highly sensitive to dust and dirt. Keeping up maintenance on this aspect of your car improves fuel consumption, longevity, and general drivability.

How can you tell if the 380SLs injectors are malfunctioning?

There are several symptoms that might indicate that your Mercedes-Benz 380SLs fuel injectors need some attention. One indication is your cars performance. A Mercedes-Benz that doesnt always start easily or that is sluggish going up hills is showing signs that fuel isnt getting to the engine on a regular basis. Another symptom is the cars poor gas mileage.

Can the Mercedes Benz gas fuel injectors be tested?

There is a kit available to test and to clean your cars gas injectors. The first step prior to cleaning them is checking to see how they fit within the 380SLs plastic holder. If theres play in the way the injector fits within that holder, and its easy to remove, you know that you at least need to clean the SLs injector. The cars injectors should take a little muscle to remove; however, you don’t need brute strength. It should be a snug fit.

If they are loose inside of the holder, that means there isnt a good air seal. If your Mercedes-Benzs injectors arent sealing the air properly, the cars fuel mixture will be off and will result in poor performance. Replacing the worn rubber seals after injector maintenance on your Mercedes-Benz 380SL should take care of that issue.

How does the Mercedes Benz gas injector test kit work?

In order to avoid excessive wear on the SL engine by over-pumping gasoline in with the engine oil, its recommended that you perform regular maintenance on the vehicles fuel injectors. A gas fuel injector spray pattern and nozzle cleaner kit performs two tasks. The first is to test each injector with the pressure pump to see how well the spray mist is performing. If its clogged or dripping, thats a sure sign that it needs to be cleaned.

Follow the manufacturers instructions on how to clean your Mercedes-Benz injector. The basic idea is to create some resistance by running the cleaning fluid over the very fine screen contained within the interior of the injector. The purpose is to remove the lacquer buildup of old gas on this model of Mercedes-Benz. If the injector does not reach the appropriate PSI for your Mercedes-Benz 380SL at that point, it will need to be replaced.