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Ford Vintage Steering Wheels

Contemporary car collectors and insurance companies use different terms to refer to older vehicles. Classic cars are usually more than 20 years old, antiques are more than 45 years old, and the term "vintage" refers to cars made from 1919 to1930, but owners may refer to cars from the 1970s and earlier as "vintage." Fords manufactured between 1919 and 1930 include the Model A and Model T, and owners may purchase an original, refurbished, or recovered vintage steering wheel and other steering replacement parts for them.

Which steering replacements do 1920s and 1930s Fords use?

Model T and TT vintage steering wheel replicas and replacements may have mahogany rims and steel or brass spokes. Model A Ford steering wheel replacements can feature a keyed hub or a splined hub. A vintage steering wheel for either the Model A or the Model T may be recovered from a non-operational car, be a rare New Old Stock (NOS) replacement, or be a contemporary replica. Replicas made of plastic and aluminum are available. Some vintage 20s-era Ford wheels are used for hot rods or rat rods.

Which 1930s Ford steering wheels are there?

Ford wheels in the 1930s were manufactured in base and deluxe varieties. Owners may select restored or replica wheels for a variety of 1930s Ford cars and trucks. Standard style wheels have three spokes and accommodation for a horn button in the center. Deluxe style steering wheels may be red or black, with stainless steel banjo spokes and 30s Art Deco details.

Can you find horn buttons and rings?

Owners or restorers can find horn rings for all decades of old and classic Ford vehicles from the 1930s onward. Horn buttons may also be purchased for standard and deluxe wheels from the 1920s and 1930s. Horn rings may be chrome or stainless steel. Original buttons and rings with classic Ford or model-specific logos can be found. Half and full replica or original steel horn rings can also be found, depending on year and model of vintage Ford.

What are NOS steering wheels and rings?

NOS steering wheels are new old stock manufactured as replacements by Ford. NOS components have been stored since the original vehicles model year. NOS parts are not used equipment which has been recovered from vintage part vehicles. These components are valuable in restoration projects and should be in their original packaging and have serial numbers which tie them to Ford and the year, make, and model they were made for.

Can custom steering wheels be purchased for vintage Fords?

Custom replacement steering wheels can be found for every year, make, and model of vintage, antique, or classic Ford, from the 1920s to the 1970s. Find acrylic, metal, wood, and leather-wrapped steering wheels to match a desired color scheme or design concept. Purchase Ford logo, vehicle logo, such as Pinto or Mustang, or decorative chrome and embossed wheels.