Toyota Tacoma Fog Driving Lights

If you live in an area that’s frequently foggy, you may want to consider investing in fog lights. Heavy fog can make driving very difficult, and having the wrong lights can actually make your vision worse on the road. Having the proper lights in your Toyota Tacoma will make your trips through the fog a walk in the park.

What are fog lights?

Your Toyota Tacomas fog lights help you to see more clearly when travelling through fog. These fog lights are positioned towards the bottom of the Tacoma, which makes them closer to the ground than standard headlights. This low positioning allows the fixtures to effectively illuminate the road and provides the driver with clearer vision.

Why are fog lights necessary for the Toyota Tacoma?

The positioning and brightness of standard headlights actually make it more difficult to see in foggy or snowy conditions. These types of precipitation will actually reflect the light, making the view even more clouded for the driver. Fog lights on your Toyota are positioned so that youll be able to see the road instead of driving blindly.

What type of bulb is used for fog lights?

LED or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) bulbs are among the most trusted choices for fog lights. They can provide plenty of light and can give the driver the clear pathway that it needs to steer the Tacoma. You can also choose to use the common halogen lighting.

How do you choose a replacement bulb?

The LED bulbs can only be used as replacements for halogen bulbs, so be sure to know which bulbs can be interchanged and which ones must remain the same. Although some bulbs can provide the necessary light, you must be sure to measure the given space for the fixture before ordering. This is only to be sure that your selected light will fit into the space provided by your Toyota Tacoma.

What is needed to properly install replacement lighting?

Unless youll be taking your vehicle to a mechanic to install your lighting equipment, you can purchase a light kit that comes with all the necessary pieces for securing your lamps. In conjunction with your light kit, the manual to your vehicle should provide you with all of the information youll need. Simply follow the instructions provided with the kit and youll be well on your way to having fog-worthy fixtures on your Toyota Tacoma.