Fog Driving Lights for Honda Pilot

As you head out on the road in your Honda Pilot, having the right exterior lighting for any low lighting or weather situation you may encounter is essential. Fog driving lights for Honda Pilot, which differ markedly from regular driving lights, offer you the ability to safely navigate through foggy conditions by improving visibility with specialized lighting. Installing new driving lights on your Honda Pilot is a job that you can tackle yourself with a few tools and proper installation directions.

What features do Honda Pilot fog lights offer?

While regular headlights or daytime running lights for your vehicle offer a white beam of light in different levels of intensity, fog lights use a yellow light, which offers a longer wavelength than white light. Because fog consists of molecules of water in the form of a vaporous cloud at ground level, white light is dangerous to use during foggy conditions since the water molecules simply reflect and refract the white light, creating glare and making it more difficult for drivers to see.

Fog lights also feature a shape that is flattened on the top edge of the light as well as a wider distribution angle of the light beam to improve visibility by keeping the field of light lower to the ground for the driver.

What different types of kits are available for Honda Pilot?

As with regular driving lights or headlights, there are different types of fog lights available for replacing or upgrading your existing fog lights. The types include:

  • LED: Available in different colors from the standard yellow used in most fog lights, LED lights are beneficial because they have a longer lifespan. With no filament like in incandescent bulbs, these lights can take high levels of vibration and require less power overall.
  • HID: Using xenon gas, these lights produce much higher amounts of light overall than standard lights, and the light produced is similar in quality to sunlight.
  • Halogen: Using halogen gas, these lights are one of the brightest lights on the market.
How do you install new fog lights or driving lights?

Because most lights for your Honda Pilot are contained within kits that include a full wiring harness, it is easy to install a replacement kit with the use of a few common tools such as a screwdriver. To install a new light kit, review your owners manual and follow these steps.

  1. Remove the existing light kit, detaching the wiring harness carefully and unscrewing it from its mounting bracket.
  2. Install the new light kit, making sure to attach the wiring assembly to the proper matching wires, then screwing it into the mounting bracket.